Tagliatelle with Almond Pesto paired with Bertani Valpolicella DOC | 15 Minute Recipe

Handmade tagliatelle with a pesto that is not only cheaper than the classic one, but also delicious!

Today, for the Dinner in 15 column, Chef Sara Lai and wine expert Filippo Bartolotta offer us a dish that is not only cheaper than its classic version, but also if possible even more delicious!

In fact, Chef Sara is preparing some wonderful handmade tagliatelle, accompanied by a basil and almond pesto.

If, like us, you are a pine nut lover, you will know how expensive a few grams can be. Using almonds instead of pine nuts is a perfect solution: they're cheaper, they're semi-sweet, and they go perfectly with Parmesan cheese and EVO oil.

We (who are a bit blasphemous) almost like pistachio pesto better that way!

Filippo uncorked a bottle of Valpolicella DOC from the Bertani winery for us, a wine that goes perfectly with this wonderful, richly flavoured pasta dish.

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Tagliatelle with Almond Pesto Ingredients:

For 2 servings:

Tagliatelle dough:
Semola flour 200 grams
Egg 2

Fresh Almond Pesto Sauce:
Basil (Leaves) 125 grams
Almonds 150 grams
Extra-virgin olive oil 200 ml2
Parmesan cheese (Grated) 100 grams
Garlic Cloves 0.5
Salt as needed

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