How to Taste Wine - Smell

How to Perfect Your Wine-Tasting Skills - Smell and Aroma.  Can your sense of smell help you identify how wines are made from start to finish?

A person’s sense of smell is, believe it or not, possibly our most developed sense.  More than sight, taste, hearing, what have you.  Everyone, nearly everyone, is born already in possession of an incredible sense of smell, and that ability to sniff out aromas and flavors is intrinsically connected to our other senses.

In a nutshell, your capability to sniff and sense elements is a huge asset in your wine-tasting skills development.  Why is sense of smell so important?  Because it allows us to experience the different aromas that a wine contains, and retains as part of its overall structure.  

Together with Filippo Bartolotta, Mamablip’s fine Italian wine pro, we’ll take a closer look at where a wine’s aromas and bouquets come from - you think it’s just from the kind of grapes used to make your favorite wines?  That’s just part of the background wine enjoys - it’s a complex process, but Filippo’s on board to help us navigate the wine-tasting waters.

What kind of smells can you expect to unearth in your favorite wines?  Can your sense of smell help you identify how wines are made from start to finish?  What’s the best way to capture all of a wine’s smells?  Do I need to swirl my wine around first or at the end?  Let Filippo lead the way as you explore yet another mystery around making the most of your favorite wines.  It’s easier than you think!

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