Wine review: Tedeschi Wine Estate 'La Fabriseria' Valpolicella Classico Superiore, Veneto

La Fabriseria is be a pure reflection of the Tedeschi family’s wine values, let's taste it today!

The Tedeschi family is one that values hard work and commitment towards ensuring their wines are all representative of their terroir, and that they all maintain a rigors standard of fine, top-quality wines.  The La Fabriseria wine is no exception to this philosophy, and they have refined their La Fabriseria to be a pure reflection of the Tedeschi family’s wine values.

With deep, dark-ruby colors, and an intensity that visually gives hints of the wonders that lie in your wine glass, La Fabriseria benefits from a careful grape selection and a studied approach to wine-crafting that only true masters in the field could achieve.  Filippo Bartolotta, fine Italian wine expert, leads us through an exciting tasting and learning experience as we learn more about the Tedeschi family’s wines.

Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Oseleta work together, blending each grape’s classic features, and harmoniously achieving a red wine that reflects the history and stories of the splendid Valpolicella territory.

An interesting note on the name and label of La Fabriseria vintage.  The name selected for this wine by Nonno Riccardo, the Tedeschi family patriarch, is a direct homage to the Fabbricceria, the local church-supported organization that was convened to coordinate the construction of a new local church in town.  As with any important meeting, most of the Fabbricceria’s meetings ended on a gastronomic note, sampling the area’s finest wines and foods.

The label and name both recall this organisation of which Nonno Riccardo was part, and is expressed on the label’s 4-pronged cross and the intersecting lines covering the entire bottle.   We also find a physical cross on the Tedeschi family estate in Le Pontare di Sant’Ambrogio, which was likely used to signal the path for passing pilgrims en route possibly to Rome.  Dante was reputably included in this group - just a bit of interesting insight into the historic roots the Tedeschi family and their wines occupy in the Valpolicella and Amarone wine worlds. 

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