Tommasi: Valpolicella Wine inspires a family's passion

The Tommasi Family's story, tradition, principles and roots and their road to success.

The Tommasi family has created an extraordinary wine reality based on family principles, traditions, sustainability, and expressing fine Italian vitality in every bottle of wine produced, be it in the Valpolicella area to southern Puglia.  The Tommasi family is present in some of the most desirable wine regions, having mastered some of the most difficult terrain to produce memorable wine vintages you’ll definitely want to experience.

How do they manage each time to produce masterful, powerful wines in each different area they’ve laid down wine-making roots?  The secret to the Tommasi success lies in different fields, from emphasis on family traditions and trust, to sustainable viticultural practices and much more.  Let’s learn together with Filippo Bartolotta, Mamablip’s Italian wine expert, what makes the Tommasi wine estates so fascinating, so productive, and so authentically Italian.  

Italy certainly produces a wide range of wine labels, it goes without saying.  If you, like the Mamablip team, value quality and tradition in each bottle of wine you select, whether it be a top-end Amarone wine vintage or a floral, aromatic Vermentino, the Tommasi wine estate can and will match your Italian wine expectations and desires.  

Sustainability, non-intervention, nature-based wine production are all values that each estates’ enologists factor into the Tommasi wine-making philosophy.  These are values and traditions that we can actually taste and feel in each bottle, and we’re excited to explore the Tommasi family’s continued dedication and devotion to fine Italian wine-making principles.  

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