Valtènesi Rosè Wines - What is the Best Food Pairing?

Come explore the world of the Valtènesi appellation and the amazing foods which go with their rosè!

Learning to pair food and wine is always a fun, engaging experience, but when you are undertaking pairing Valtènesi Rosé with local cuisine, and some other of your favorite dishes, this wine and food experience gains an extra level of awesomeness.

Valtènesi Pink wines reflect the terroir and the aromas of their soils where they’re cultivated, so we can find oodles of peppery notes, freshness, fresh red fruits, and some underlying hints of minerality and acidity that cuts through a fatty element many fish-based dishes can express.  This is a lovely wine to accompany meats, and light vegetable-based dishes as well - there’s so much flexibility and adaptability in this wine, you might be surprised to find the Valtènesi Rosè selections make such a welcome addition to your lunch and dinner tables.

Come explore the world of the Valtènesi appellation with your fine Italian wine expert, Filippo Bartolotta, and enjoy the Lake Garda cuisine like you’re just beginning to explore!  One of the unsung heros of the Italian northern regions, the Lake Garda culinary offerings are ample, varied, and rich in flavors and enjoyment.  When paired with a classic refreshing Valtènesi Pink wine selection, the finer elements in both your wine vintage selection and your prepared dishes will shine through, gleaming with tastes and aromas.

Valtènesi Rosé wines have felt the bad rep many Rosé wines have had associated with them, but remember:  the area’s best grapes are all geared towards the production of deliciously refreshing Valtènesi Pink wines, and representing one of Italy’s finest wine Appellations, you’re in excellent wine-hands when you pair Valténesi wines with your favorite aperitivo or dinner dishes.

Would you like to learn more about the wines promoted by the Valtènesi Wine Consortium?  Head over to the Mamablip Wine Selections page to see our favorites from this wine region.  If you love the Valtènesi wines, you’re going to want to check out Andrea Grignaffini’s Valtènesi: the genesis of a territory for lots of additional info on Lake Garda’s amazing wines.


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