Valtènesi Rosa del Vittoriale - Molmenti’s Wine-Inspired Love Ode to Amalia

Learn about the gorgeous pearl-like pink rosé wines from the Valtènesi region on the beautiful Lake Garda

While it’s not Valentine’s Day season any longer, it’s hard not to appreciate a touching love story, and the tale of Senator Molmenti and his noblewoman lady love, Amalia, is just one of those stories we love to hear on repeat.  Following a love with the beautiful Amalia, Venetian Senator Molmenti incorporated his love into his avant-garde production of one of the wines we love to enjoy today, the Valtènesi Rosa del Vittoriale one-night-wine (named thusly for its unique production process).

Mamablip’s Italian wine expert, Filippo Bartolotta, shares his knowledge and exploration of the Valtènesì wine production methods with us, bringing a whole different wine region to life right before our eyes.  During this video, we’ll learn how the gorgeous pearl-like pink rosé wines of Lake Garda are produced, as well as production techniques that are specific to this northern Italian region.

How does history continue to play a role in the contemporary Lake Garda Valtènesì wine region?  Learn this, and much more, together with Filippo as you explore Italy’s wine fine regions, with some new faces and familiar regions each bursting with details and information for you to discover and enjoy.

If you’ve gotten a kick out of exploring the Valtènesì wines and their history with Filippo, you’ll be sure to want to check out Mamablip’s wine and food expert journalists as they undertake their own voyages through this land.  Travel with Mamablip’s Andrea Grignaffini as he charts down his Genesis of a Territory exploration.  Don’t miss Lele Gobbi’s explanation of the soil and terroir of this region, in his Professionally and Perennially Pink article.  

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