Let's discover Valtènesi and Groppello with Filippo Bartolotta

Today Filippo takes ut to Valtènesi, an area in the province of Brescia on the stunning Lake Garda, home to amazing wines!

Valtenesi - Valtènesi is an area in the province of Brescia, exactly in the western area of Lake Garda. 

It is made up of 7 lakeside communes facing the lake and hillside communes lying on the morainic hills. 

"Valtènesi" is the name given to the type of Garda wine produced with red berried grapes cultivated in this area. The primary grape variety of this new DOC wine is Groppello (Gentile and/or Mocasina type) which can make up at least 50% of the blend or become the only grape variety present (100%).

Groppello is a grape variety cultivated only in Valtenesi. It is the most typical wine of the area, a delicate and easy-drinking red wine, spicy with fruity notes, velvety and pleasant, which goes well with tasty first courses, meat dishes of all kinds and medium-aged cheeses. 

The climate of the area, influenced by the presence of the lake, can be defined as sub-Mediterranean. The place with the mildest temperatures is Malcesine, on the eastern shore, while the place with the coldest temperatures and a more continental climate is Peschiera del Garda, which is located on the southern shore of the lake.

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