Is Wine Healthy?

The question everyone has been asking: is wine good for you? And if so, which are its benefits?

It’s the end of the week, you want a glass of wine to relax and ponder the events of the past several days, but you’re holding back because the word on the street is that wine does more harm than help.  Well, Filippo Bartolotta, fine Italian wine expert, is here to dispel that myth and make your glass of wine a guilt-free celebration to good health and good cheer.

While we’d never go so far as to say this is medical advice, there is something (a lot) to be said for a glass of wine a day - providing both physical health benefits as well and psychological benefits that help relax and calm tired minds, well, not too many other things can promise the same effects.

The Italians overall have a wonderful relationship with fine wines, treating wines with all the respect they deserve.  Ultimately, wines are a fundamental part of human civilization, having accompanied us through good and bad times, through war and peace, and through many a troubled family dinner!

The consummate health benefits of fine Italian wines can’t be overlooked, and shouldn’t be overlooked.  The key, like with so much of life, is in moderation.  Join Filippo as he explores a bit more of the wine history in Italy, and how one of mankind’s favorite social glues has found its roots in every worldwide culture.

Take time to pour a great glass of wine from a new favorite bottle, and get cozy while learning about wine’s role in history, guided by Filippo, and while you’re at it, learn some new tricks of the trade!

For more Italian wine news, be sure to head over to the Wine School Video index for more video explorations of gorgeous Italian wineries and wine regions.  Check out some Wine Selections to purchase your own bottles of recommended fine Italian wines.   Curious about some of our profiled wine estates now that you know wine is good for you? Dive right in by taking a closer look at some of our Italian finds:  the Tenute Masciarelli winery in the heart of Abruzzo, the Donnafugata estate in coastal Sicily, the historic Borgogno winery in Piedmont, and so many others!.  Get started now! 


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