Wine Pairing | Asparagus paired with Valtènesi Rosé

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Asparagus, along with some other mineral-strong veggies, can be a tough wine pairing. We have the solution here!

Asparagus, along with some other mineral-strong veggies, can be a tough wine pairing for even the most prepared sommelier to master.  However, Filippo Bartolotta, Mamablip’s fine Italian wine expert, is up to the challenge as he shows us here.

Together with charming Chef Sara Lai, the delicious dish of Crunchy Guanciale, Poached Eggs and Steamed Asparagus is paired with a fine Valtènesi Rosé wine, hailing from the western shores of the Lake Garda area.  The result?  A match made in absolute heaven.  The fine Valtènesi Rosé wine selection creates a balance for this straight-forward, seasonal dish, and as we’re all looking to save a few minutes in the kitchen, it’s reassuring to know that we can create a comfort-food dish and pair it right off the bat with an equally amazing wine.

While asparagus can also be paired with classic white wines (watch the video and learn which ones Filippo might consider as suitable partners), if you’re looking for something different, something colorful, something glorious, a Valtènesi Rosé solution is ideal.

Refreshing, acidic, mineral, yet juicy and tropical.  All in all, a most balanced selection to match the wildness of asparagus as it blends with creamy eggs yolks and salty, crispy Italian guanciale.  There’s so much to love about this Valtènesi Rosé selection, and this dish as well!  Want the recipe?  Check it out, and learn a new Italian comfort dish and how to pair it with a fine Rosé from Northern Italy - get ready for the weekend’s cooking duties ahead!

Would you like to learn more about the wines promoted by the Valtènesi Wine Consortium?  Head over to the Mamablip Wine Selections page to see our favorites from this wine region.  If you love the Valtènesi wines, you’re going to want to check out Andrea Grignaffini’s Valtènesi: the genesis of a territory for lots of additional info on Lake Garda’s amazing wines.

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