Wine School - From the Vineyard to the Bottle

Filippo Bartolotta breaks down the step-by-step process involved in making one of civilizations’s oldest and most intriguing beverages

A good bottle of wine is something we cherish and save to drink in good company, or to pair with an awesome meal to exalt the fine ingredients nature brings us and we transform into memorable meals.  But just how does wine go from being a berry in the sunshine to a rich juice in a bottle of better yet, a wine glass?

Join Filippo Bartolotta, fine Italian wine expert, as he breaks down the step-by-step process involved in making one of civilizations’s oldest and most intriguing beverages.  Naturally, Filippo’s overview covers the main processes - each winemaker and wine craftsman will have their own specific formulas and approaches to creating heir fine wines, but these are the essential, fundamental steps that cannot be passed over in the process of making wine.

While we have been spending more time at home as of late, the multiple passages in wine-making are best left to our favorite Italian professionals, but you can certainly hone up on your wine-making knowledge as you follow along with Filippo.


The mystery of making wine will surely remain as such - while we might be able to learn the ABCs of wine-making from a true professional, each wine-maker here in Italy has devoted a lifetime (and often, more than just one generation of lifetimes within family-run wine estates) to learning about their grapes, their terroir, and the knowledge handed down through the generations on how to create the Italian fine wines we love to include in our meals and special times with family and loved ones.

Join Mamablip and Filippo as we explore another facet of the riveting world of wines.  Be sure to snatch up a bottle of your favorite Italian vintage and sip away while you learn some new tricks of the trade with Filippo.

For more Italian wine news, be sure to head over to the Mamablip Wine School Video index for more video explorations of gorgeous Italian wineries and wine regions.  Check out some Wine Selections to purchase your own bottles of recommended fine Italian wines.   Curious about some of our profiled wine estates now you know some of their methods?  Dive right in by taking a closer look at some of our Tuscan finds:  the Rocca delle Macìe estate, the Capezzana winery between Prato and Florence, the Cecchi wine estate in Tuscany, and the Montalcino-based Podere Le Ripi.  Get started now! 


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