Wine Styles - Red Wine

Mamablip’s Wine School presents: "Wine Styles - Red Wine". Learn about the different types of wine there are with Filippo Bartolotta.

Now that you know how wine is made, how to properly taste and savor its many facets, do you want to know a little more about its colors?  If so, Filippo Bartolotta, fine wine expert, is leading the way in the discovery about what separates reds from whites from oranges from rosés, and why we love each one!

With specific aromas, bouquets, palate sensations, and other features that separate the wines from each other, the resulting color isn’t just a by-product of the grapes used - there’s the whole vinification process, production process, and aging process that factor into making the wines what we taste as an end result.

With that in mind, the world of red wines, as Filippo notes, the potentially most important of the wine family, is more varied than you might think.  Relative to the grapes used, and the production process used to handle the grapes, your final resulting wine will be either light-bodied, medium-bodied, or full-bodied wines, each with corresponding textures, aromas, and colors.

Come with Filippo for an overview of the world of red wines, and while of course, there’s so much to add to the history and profile of Italian red wines, Filippo gives us a great launching pad to begin our discovery of the world of Red wines - all the better to help us find our new favorite reds!

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