Panzanella salad paired with Rocca delle Macie | 15 Minute Recipe

Stale bread, onion, tomatoes...just a few every-day ingredients make this traditional Tuscan dish!

Got stale bread? We personally have piles and piles of it - but that's because we know what to do with it: Panzanella is just one of the great dishes you can make!

Tuscans know there's no better way to get that stale bread out of your cupboards and onto your plates with clever, quick recipes incorporating leftovers, and created to help you clear out some of your pantry.

While each region has its own variations on what a Panzanella bread salad should include, we know in Tuscany that the cornerstone ingredients are luscious tomatoes, crispy cucumbers, fragrant fresh basil, sweet marinated red onions, spicy extra-virgin olive oil, and of course, stale crusty bread.

Watch Chef Sara Lai and wine expert Filippo Bartolotta make this great and exciting summer dish while cracking open a bottle of Vermentino Campo Maccione by Rocca delle Macie.

Panzanella Ingredients:

  • Tuscan Bread (Slices) 300 grams
  • Cucumber 2
  • Tomato 3 (Ripe tomatoes)
  • Onion 0.5
  • Basil (Leaves) 12
  • Extra-virgin olive oil as needed
  • Salt as needed
  • White Wine vinegar 50 ml
  • Water 200 ml

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