Tedeschi - Marne 180: Sunshine and amarone Terroir join forces

Cracking open a bottle of Marne 180 is a tasting experience that will linger on your palate for an indefinite amount of time

Smooth, supple, and graceful, the Marne 180 Amarone wine selection by the Tedeschi wine estate
provides a moment of ultimate relax and wine enjoyment. With minty notes enhanced by the grape
aging process, you might be tempted to enjoy just the bouquet of this wine. But there’s so much to
meet the palate’s needs as well. 

A full body brimming with fruits and cherries, cracking open a bottle of Marne 180 is a tasting
experience that will linger on your palate for an indefinite amount of time, which is just fine with
Filippo Bartolotta , Mamablip’s fine Italian wine expert, as he’d rather linger with a glass of Marne
180 more than anything else!

Referring to the vineyard’s generous exposure gradients (an entire south-west to south-east
gradient), the grapes that compose Marne 180, ranging from Corvinone and Oseleta to a more
unusual Rossignola grape, are permitted to soak up the plentiful rays of sunshine beaming onto
this beautiful vineyard.
And what’s in a name, you might be asking? The name of this specific wine refers directly to the
soil where the wine is produced. A tough soil to master, it also provides the perfect drainage
profile where the grapes thrive and eventually turn into this most captivating Amarone vintage from
the Tedeschi wine estate.

Let’s get right into it - come explore this Tedeschi wine selection with Filippo, and discover what
Marne 180 Amarone goes best with - the end results might just surprise you!
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