VecchioFlorio 1833: a Marsala Superiore Wine for every occasion!

Florio wine estate gives us Vecchio Florio, a superior Marsala born from a (very fortunate) journey overseas!

Are you curious to learn how the most misterious wines were born? Discover how Marsala was born with Filippo Bartolotta!

The most accredited version says that an English merchant, called John Woodhouse, was completely struck by the wine produced in the area in 1733.

Fearing the wine would be ruined during the long journey back to the sea, he decided to add wine brandy. Upon his return to England the wine had changed.

It had become fortified. Marsala was born! In 1883 the production and commercialization was passed to the Florio family which in a short time became the symbolic name of Marsala wine, made only with Grillo and Catarratto grapes.

Typically paired with desserts, Vecchio Florio is actually a versatile wine capable of surprising you: as an aperitif it is well matched to medium seasoned cheese, toasted almonds and bottarga.

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