Italian Wine Export: 2021 The golden year of Italian wine: exports exceeded 7 billion

Italy is one of the main wine exporters in the EU, but its twenty regions are not equally involved in the wine export.

By Redazione Mamablip
Apr 07, 2022
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Italian Wine Export


What awaits in 2022?

Export 2021 at 7.1 billion euros (+12.4%). Historic record driven by DOP wines and sparkling wines, read the analysis of the Uiv-Vinitaly-Ismea observatory 


Which are the most exported italian wines?

Dop, sparkling and Prosecco wines have led the sector to touch the historical record of foreign sales in 2021.


Italian wine (22.2 million hectoliters exported, + 7.3%) consolidates its role as an oenological superpower thanks in particular to its DOP productions, which do better than the general average (+15.8% in value).


Sparkling wines (+25.3%) thanks to the umpteenth exploit of Prosecco (+32%), double the flattering increase in still wines (+12.3%). On the whole, DOP wines from Italy today represent 2/3 of exports in value recorded in 2021. There is also a slight increase in IGP wines (5.4%) and ordinary wines, up 8.9%. This is what emerges from the processing of ISTAT data by the Qualivita Wine Observatory.



How have wine trends changed after the covid emergency?

2021 has been a year undoubtedly "inflated" by a post-Covid favourable consumption, but - according to the Italian Wine Union, Vinitaly and Ismea - it also accelerated the growth trend for quality wines, as demonstrated by a +4.7%, in the average price.


2021 is likely an "unrepeatable" year, also in the light of a 2022 that opened with numerous critical points due to the costs of raw materials, the growth of inflation and, now, the conflict in Ukraine. 


Where is Italian wine mostly exported?

Important confirmation comes from the various areas of demand, in particular from the non-EU (+14.2%), which today is worth 61% of the market. Among the countries, green light for the entire top 10 led, as usual, by the United States (+18.4%), followed by Germany and the United Kingdom.

Plus signs also for Switzerland, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Belgium and Denmark. Among the emerging economies, China (+29.2%) and South Korea (75.5%) made an exploit.



What awaits us in this new year for wine?

For the Secretary General of the Italian Wine Union, Paolo Castelletti: "Last year, wine exports shattered all records, with a result that, compared to pre-Covid trends, would have been achieved within a five-year period. Now, however, the picture is worrying, with a series of factors that herald a difficult year.


The strong erosion of margins due to the escalation of raw material costs in the sector, the almost certain zeroing of the Russian market - on which counter-sanctions are awaited after Putin's recent signing of the decree blocking imports and exports from Russia - and above all a war that, together with the inflationary spiral, will heavily influence confidence and therefore global consumption, are the main critical elements that we find".


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