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Saturday 25th of June 2022 at 21:00

Exploration of Classic Handmade Pasta

Duration: 60m

Complexity: Beginner


Join us on for a special foray into handmade pasta: fresh Handmade Pici with Tuscan Garlic Sauce. You'll just love it!

Pasta class online! A one and a half hour cooking class to learn how to make fresh Italian pasta step by step

Homemade, delicious pasta doesn’t have to be a weekend dish only.  With so many different varieties you can make once you have the basics down firm, you can solve many a meal-prep deadline into a time to relax and enjoy preparing a hearty meal for your loved ones.  Chef Michele leads the way through the start-to-finish preparation and puts any pasta-making fears you may have to rest.

About your hands-on, interactive cooking class.

Let's share time together (insieme) in the kitchen!

Join a group and meet new friends or request a private class at your preferred date and time.

Enrol now and receive the ingredient list and a confirmation email with the link to a password-protected Zoom session.

Classes are approximately 1 1/2 hours, hands-on, fully interactive and fun!

So get ready, roll up your sleeves and ask as many questions as you like while you work together with your Italian Chef.

We look forward to sharing great moments! See you soon!

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Michele Berlendis

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