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Saturday 3rd of September 2022 at 18:00

Let's cook Pollo alla Cacciatora - Join the hands-on Live Class!

Duration: 120m

Complexity: Beginner


Pollo alla cacciatora, or 'Hunter-style Chicken', is not as hard as it looks!

A live cooking class online to make the best Pollo alla Cacciatora ever. Join others and have fun, ask questions and cook hands-on with your chef, live.

Pollo alla cacciatora is one of my absolute favourite chicken dishes, which was cooked at home by my Mamma, when she decided to trick us into eating something healthier than usual.

For those wondering, Cacciatore is pronounced cah-cha-toe-ray, which means ‘hunter’ in Italian. It is in fact thought that the first Chicken Cacciatore was not made with chicken at all, but with wild game sometime during the Renaissance period.

Chef Michele will teach you all the tricks for making this, rich, tomatoey and packed with flavour second course dish which, if made in large quantities, is even more delicious the next day!

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Michele Berlendis

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