Saturday 7th of May 2022 at 21:00

Meatballs & tomato sauce. Online Cooking Class with Chef in Italy

Duration: 90m

Complexity: Beginner


Make meatballs in tomato sauce with Chef Michele! The best meatballs online class on the web! Sign up and have fun with friends and family.

Fully interactive live cooking class. Joinable small group class or private. High quality shooting and live experience, totally hands on.

Nothing screams 'ITALIA' to the rest of the World as much as ‘Polpette al Sugo’ (Meatballs in tomato sauce), do.

The first polpette date back to the year 400, and the idea was somethings on the lines of: 'got leftovers? Shape it in a ball and fry it, nothing will go to waste!'

Although - for us Italians - some Countries have adopted ‘unorthodox’ ways of serving ‘polpette’ (cough cough…on top of spaghetti pasta…cough), we are willing to share our secrets, or might I say Nonna’s secrets, to this world-famous dish!

Buon appetito!

About your hands-on, interactive cooking class.

Let's share time together (insieme) in the kitchen!

Join a group and meet new friends or request a private class at your preferred date and time.

Enrol now and receive the ingredient list and a confirmation email with the link to a password-protected Zoom session.

Classes are approximately 1 1/2 hours, hands-on, fully interactive and fun!

So get ready, roll up your sleeves and ask as many questions as you like while you work together with your Italian Chef.

We look forward to sharing great moments! See you soon!

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Michele Berlendis

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