Bertani Wine: The Guardians of Veneto’s Valpolicella Region

Explore Bertani’s top wine selections. The Valpolicella region’s Bertani winemakers and how they express local terroir while protecting the Amarone wine region.

By Lele Gobbi
Mar 05, 2021
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From the days of its foundation in 1857,  the Bertani winery has strictly followed the principle that by increasing professionalism in their process of wine-making, they would also be able to increase the quality and care in developing specific, selected vineyards.  Today’s Bertani management can thank the Bertani brothers, Giovanni Battista and Gaetano, for their foresight in developing this concept when the winery was first born.    

The Bertani winery’s focus on incorporating innovative production techniques in both their viticultural and enological approaches allowed the company to move ahead of other Italian wineries in exporting and selling their bottled wines both in Italy and globally.  The technological and innovation focus helped the Bertani wine estate to become one of Italy’s first wineries to grasp the significance and importance of investing in theses areas in order to gain market shares.

The act of becoming a significant reference point for the assorted Veronese wine districts and development centers has wound up being a transformation throughout the years, and certainly not an immediate development.  This is because change doesn’t happen overnight, and being part of the avant-guard needs to be a gradual yet concrete process, as on overall philosophy.

The fundamental elements for the Bertani wine estate are foresight and long-term vision.  Bertani’s primary focus becomes innovation paired with frugality, which in turn winds up playing a key role within the local job market.  Bertani thus becomes not just a flourishing and renowned wine estate, but also a clear, identifiable wine identity.



Being Bertani here is revealed and we’re able to grasp more what the winery has as its objective:  to give everyone the ability to view their local landscape through the wines produced by Bertani.

Think this objective is too lofty?  Or just immoderately democratic with the desire to be ecumenical at any cost

Not in the least!  Bertani has always followed the tenet of valuing time because those who choose the explore the Bertani wine world know that time and patience are at the heart of the ability to take care of every detail.

The reins of today’s Bertani wine estate have been entrusted to the wise hands of super manager Ettore Nicoletto (CEO Bertani Domains).   As of March 2020, Nicoletto has been at the helm at the Bertani Domains, dextrously guiding the winery towards a new world of wine-making.

Although its leader might be a new addition, the winery nevertheless adheres to the history of Amarone and its origins.  This is a unique history where we’re able to see change without changing, where the wine Maison remains faithful to the calling and vocation of its lands, where the vineyards are cultivated and managed.

The very soul of Bertani can be summarized following these essential elements:  knowing how to predict and plan, knowing when to wait and see developments unfold, and how to respond to these very developments even if they veer away from predicted outcomes.

This philosophy can be experienced directly in the panorama of the Bertani’s Novare Estate, in the heart of the Veronose wine culture.  Here, nestled among seven natural springs and an abundance of flora, beech, oak, cedar and olive trees.  In this very precise location, the heart of the entire Bertani research can be found.



The Bertani Chief Operating Officer, Andrea Lonardi, has understood the sheer privilege of living in a territory like Valpolicella.  Here, every day is filled with its own pleasures and inspirations, which can be grasped with actions as simple as just looking out the window.   

Londardi is devoted to infusing the enological sphere with his own unique wine-focused, globetrotting philosophy.  Every time Lonardi strolls on the Bertani plots, with their carefully-attended plots, he experiences anew the feeling of pride and providence that accompany his success at being able to work in the amazing Valpolicella territory where he was born.  Lonardi ensures that the Bertani wines are infused with unique, individual complexities arising from growth in particular climatic conditions paired with mysterious geology.




For a wonderful starting foray into the wines of the Bertani Domains, we’ll focus on Bertani’s Amarone Classico (bursting with personality, and the classic aromas of cherry and tobacco), Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ognisanti di Novare (powerful, sapid, and extremely persistent) and Valpolicella Le Miniere di Novare (delicious with its fresh-tannic phrasing).  These Bertani selections are all nurtured in soil with a chalky calcareous profile, veined with iron-rich volcanic breccioline.   These vintages are scrupulously overseen by Andrea and his staff, maintaining the ultimate respect of Bertani’s devotion to its human experience and elements.



The Bertani Domains have understood the new electrifying world of wine communication, that allows messages about wine to be communicated outside of the classic methods, where talking about tannins, berries, and spices are not the only way to express a wine-based philosophy.

The universe of art, literature and music can also be effective carriers of the emotions and inspirations at the heart of the Bertani wine experience.  Bertani’s multifaceted Eleonora Guerini, Chief Marketing Officer, has aptly grasped the new communications world that Bertani can use to express itself, conveying Bertani’s message with passion and extraordinary energy.

Guerini’s preferred platform for this new communicative style has been successfully broadcast via Instagram, with episodes called Appointments Between Classic.  Guerini has developed this temping way of chatting about the Bertani wines in a subtle, yet deep perspective, following the belief that "classic is just what overcomes time by imposing new canons of quality,” proving that wine successfully maintains its place as a great indication of global civilization.


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