The 10 Best Restaurants in the Langhe Region of Piedmont, Italy

Looking for a delicious meal in the Langhe region of Piedmont, Italy? This guide has compiled a list of the 10 best restaurants in the area. From traditional Italian cuisine to modern twists on classic dishes, you're sure to find something to love!

By Lele Gobbi
Sep 28, 2022
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10 best places to eat in the Langhe, including restaurants bistros and osterias


Why try dining in the Langhe?


The Langhe is the undisputed realm of food and wine, where the cuisine and wine are the result of a mosaic of products of excellence: the white truffle of Alba, the great cheeses, prized Piedmontese meat, the Nocciola Tonda Gentile hazelnut, and Nebbiolo.



What are the great traditional dishes of the Langhe?

From this happy encounter, many celebrated traditional dishes were created: veal in tuna sauce, salted tongue, braised meats, boiled meats with their sauces, tajarin (tagliolini) with Castelmagno fondue, agnolotti del plin (rectangular agnolotti) stuffed with meat sautéed in butter... All this and much more, accompanied by the majestic Nebbiolo, in its excellent 'simple' version, as well as that of Barolo or Barbaresco.


Where to eat in the Langhe?

Guido ristorante_20220922


Guido nella Villa Reale

Tenuta di, Via Alba, 15, 12050 Fontanafredda CN, Italia


In the elegant halls of the villa that once belonged to Victor Emmanuel II, we find the dishes that have made the history of the Alciati family, such as the timeless vitello tonnato (veal in tuna sauce), the 'agnolotti di Lidia' al tovagliolo (wrapped in a napkin) or with roast sauce, and roast kid. 



Da Felicin

Via D.Vallada, 18, 12065 Monforte d'Alba CN, Italia


Nothing is more apt than the name of this restaurant: the entrance is in an enchanted-looking garden, enclosed by splendid stone walls from which the bell tower of the Monforte church rises imposingly.

Classical Langhe cuisine (the tajarin are sensational) with some lively modern touches.

massimo camia_20220928


Massimo Camia

Strada Provinciale Alba - Barolo 122, La Morra CN, Italia


Dishes executed with technique, mastery and precision that beautifully express the Langhe territory, sometimes even extending to the entire Piedmont region.


Clear and precise flavours characterise the dishes on the menu, which proposes both land and seafood dishes: graceful combinations that express a wonderful harmony between research and culinary technique and skill.



La Piola

Piazza Risorgimento, 4, 12051 Alba CN, Italia


A full immersion in Piedmont’s most authentic and mouth-watering flavours: uncompromising quality to discover the cornerstones of great Langhe cuisine: vitello tonnato, insalata russa (Russian salad), tajarin, agnolotti del plin, carne cruda battuta al coltello (knife-beaten raw Piedmont beef) and finanziera (a traditional sweet and sour stew).



Trattoria della Posta

Località Sant'Anna, 87, 12065 Monforte D'alba CN, Italia


The Langhe tradition is never questioned: a straightforward cuisine which is confident in its appeal, accompanied by a wine cellar that offers the best of the surrounding territory. The knife-beaten raw beef is sublime, as is the onion stuffed with toma cheese from Murazzano



La Coccinella

Via Provinciale A, 5, 12050 Serravalle Langhe CN, Italia


In Alta Langa, this extremely trustworthy restaurant offers the best of Piedmontese cuisine.


The great classics of the Langhe are masterfully prepared with precise cooking and impeccable ingredients, and are accompanied by excellent seafood specialities that are never commonplace.




Str. Giro della Valle, 1, 12050 Barbaresco CN, Italia


A contemporary bistro that means 'get busy' in dialect as well as 'give it more’ or ‘go for it’.


Not only an excellent gourmet osteria, but also a wonderful shop where you can buy top quality meat and excellent wines. The tajarin and agnolotti del plin are excellent.

la ciau del tornavento_20220928


La Ciau del Tornavento

Piazza Leopoldo Baracco, 7, 12050 Treiso CN, Italia


One of the 'ciau' ( not by chance, in dialect, it means ‘key’) of the great cuisine of the Langhe: one of the must-visit places for those who wish to enjoy the emotions that the landscapes of these hills are capable of arousing.


While admiring the play of light on the hills and vineyards of Barbaresco, delicacies of a cuisine that encompasses the sea, tradition and fantasy are served.

osteria more e macine_20220620


More e Macine

Via XX Settembre, 18, 12064 La Morra CN, Italia


A very tasty and well-balanced Langhe cuisine, which sometimes strays into offering equally excellent preparations from elsewhere.


The cheeses and cured meats are excellent, as are the veal in tuna sauce and tajarin. In short, a cuisine of substance, genuine, characterised by impeccable raw ingredients and a wine list of absolute merit.



La Repubblica di Perno

12065 Perno, Via Cavour, 5, 12065 Monforte d'Alba CN, Italia


A perfect synthesis of the contemporary Langhe where you can enjoy its classics, prepared with exquisite technique and skill.

The great selection and seasonality of raw materials are the calling card of this osteria. The stuffed pastas are excellent, as is the finanziera.


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