The 10 Best Restaurants In Rome, Italy

Skip the tourist traps and follow our expert to the best restaurants in Rome – from romantic traditional trattorias to high-end dining with knock-out views (plus the perfect pizzeria).

By Jacopo Manni
Sep 02, 2022
tagAlt.piazza Campo De Fiori in Rome, Italy.

The best 10 Restaurants in Rome


Our top recommendations for the best restaurants in Rome, Italy

Rome is famous for many things, but the most important part of Italian culture is the cuisine.


Do you know Rome's most delicious restaurants?

Rome is not a city like any other. Rome is history, it is charm and mystery.

Getting lost in the Eternal city is a breathtaking experience, among cobblestones and narrow streets, immersing yourself in a truly unique atmosphere, made up of the immensity of its centuries-old architecture.

Rome is full of energy and creativity, and the food scene of the Eternal City is no exception. A variety of proposals and locations that only a metropolis can offer but with the millennial charm that just belongs to this astonishing city. Rome is More.


Where do the locals eat in Rome?

Best Foodie Experiences in Rome




Zia Restaurant

Via Goffredo Mameli, 45, 00153 Roma RM


A very young chef with a cheerful talented brigade who in just a few years since opening has conquered the heights of Roman restaurants. A dynamic cuisine but focused on fresh and local ingredients. A breath of fresh air in Trastevere, one of the coolest and avant-garde neighborhoods of the city of Rome.


The young chef Antonio Ziantoni, a pupil of Gordon Ramsey, received its first Michelin star in just few years after its opening thanks to his enormous talent and creativity. An elegant restaurant furnished and decorated with elegance and a touch of Nordic design by his girlfriend and partner Ida Proietti. The desserts made by the whimsical pastry chef Christian Marasca are unforgettable.




Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 250, 00186 Roma RM


Alessandro Pipero, owner, maitre and sommelier of the restaurant, takes you on an elegant and classic journey with a pinch of madness and a lot of creativity. A passionate journey into his idea of Roman cuisine.


Pipero is a restaurant located just a few steps from the Vatican and the iconic Piazza Navona, which received its first Michelin star many years ago, and proudly continues to maintain it over the years. Here you will find one of the most famous versions of the main dish of Roman cuisine: his majesty the Carbonara. This beautiful restaurant offers an elegant and contemporary dining experience but steeped in the roots of the Eternal City's gastronomic culture.



Seu Pizza Illuminati

Via Angelo Bargoni, 10 - 18, 00153 Roma RM

The most talked about pizzeria in the whole city. Pier Daniele Seu has radically changed the way of eating pizza in Rome and throughout Italy. In his pizzeria he has changed and innovated so thoroughly the way of understanding and presenting pizza that he is literally hailed as a real pizza guru by now. In his restaurant, the design and graphics are as well kept as the pizzas in his dishes.


The pizzas on the menu range from the classics of the Italian tradition to very pop experiments where the chef unleashes his culinary vision. Pier Daniele Seu is a master of pizza, a Michelangelo of dough. Also very interesting are his pizzas served as desserts at the end of a meal, such as pizza with ricotta mousse with vanilla, crunchy chocolate and hazelnuts, salty toffee and peanuts. A true culinary adventure.




Via Giuseppe Gioachino Belli, 59, 00193 Roma RM


Arcangelo Dandini, the chef and patron of this charming restaurant located in the elegant and bourgeois Prati district, is a scholar and historian of Roman cuisine. Over the years of work he has managed to create a real temple of the Capitoline tradition at the table. A cultured and refined cuisine with recipes taken from ancient cookbooks that are also inspired by recipes from the time of the Roman Empire.


Arcangelo Dandini is also a great expert and passionate about great wines, which he offers on the menu to the guests of his restaurant. Absolutely not to be missed are also his two places in Rome, called Supplizio, dedicated to one of the most ancient and traditional recipes of Roman cuisine: the Supplì. A rice ball with a fried and crunchy breading, with a sauce inside of bolognese ragù and a surprise heart of mozzarella. A Roman specialty only.



Santo Palato

Piazza Tarquinia, 4 a/b, 00183 Roma RM

A contemporary and very pop trattoria located in a residential neighborhood where real Romans live. A small and welcoming familiar place, where you can find a Roman-inspired cuisine but with many fusion reinterpretations.


A very intriguing wine list, with natural wines and wines from independent winemakers. The place has a beautiful retro 60's style, inspired by pop culture. Here everything is pop, also the prices are very popular. Chef Sarah Cicolini has proven to be very talented and she really knows what it takes. Delightful all the most typical dishes of Roman cuisine such as carbonara, cacio e pepe and amatriciana.

The perfect place for those looking for an experience off the beaten path in Rome.

La Ciambella Bar à Vin con Cucina_ 20220905


La Ciambella bar à vin con cucina

Via dell'Arco della Ciambella, 20, 00186 Roma RM


The restaurant is very close to the Pantheon, in the heart of Rome, in the chaos full of tourist spots and traps. But in a small alley called via dell’Arco della Ciambella there is this little gem that looks like it came out of a storybook. The restaurant is in an old building of a few centuries with the classic wooden ceiling, furnished with great care.


Mirka Guberti takes care of the dining room and cellar, after having worked as a sommelier in starred Michelin restaurants, while the chef Francesca Ciucci takes care of the kitchen. The cuisine is both classic and traditional Roman style as well as original and creative. And the wine list has a wide selection of both classic Italian wines and small producers. A magical place for a memorable dinner.



Aroma Restaurant

Via Labicana, 125, 00184 Roma RM


The most romantic terrace in Rome. While eating in this elegant Michelin-starred restaurant, inside the Manfredi Palace Hotel, you can enjoy one of the most spectacular sunsets in the world: The Colosseum in front of you at sunset is priceless. A sensational experience. Here not only the view is amazing but also the gastronomic proposal is of the same level.


Chef Giuseppe di Iorio is one of the most renowned in town for his superb seafood cuisine. Scallops with glasswort and nectarine and marinated amberjack with mango and avocado, are two of the chef's many creations. Even the name, Aroma, is a tribute to the city and the aromas of Mediterranean cuisine.


Elegant dress code is required. Before or after dinner it is highly recommended to have a cocktail in the cocktail bar of the restaurant called The Court, directed by Matteo Zed, an internationally renowned bartender, currently at number 71 in The World's 50 Best Bars.




Via Jacopa de' Settesoli, 7, 00153 Roma RM


This restaurant is located in one of the coolest and most avant-garde neighborhoods of Rome: Trastevere, Rome's Brooklyn. The hipster neighborhood with an intriguing nightlife. This young and trendy place is located on a splendid terrace of the boutique Hotel San Francesco.


The idea of this restaurant is to offer a cuisine that is very attentive to sustainability issues with great attention also to healthy products and natural wines. All the food comes from small local producers. The aperitif formula is also very interesting, to enjoy the view of the Eternal City at sunset, with a nice selection of champagne and cocktails. The restaurant is very dynamic, cultured and creative.



Giano Restaurant

Via Liguria, 28, 00187 Roma RM


This brand new restaurant is close to Via Veneto, ten minutes walk from Piazza di Spagna, one of the most chic neighborhoods in Rome. The neighborhood of the Dolce Vita. The restaurant is located in a brand new hotel of the Marriott Bonvoy W Hotels Worldwide chain. The property has chosen the best and has called one of the most famous chefs in Italy, the multi Michelin starred Chef Ciccio Sultano, to direct the restaurant. The interiors are highly sought after, with very bright rooms full of elegant contemporary design. The culinary proposal is very international but with a touch of Italian class.


The internal garden is wonderful and magical, where people can relax with a selection of excellent cocktails and champagne. An international wave of the highest level in the center of Rome.



La Baia

Via Silvi Marina, 00054 Fregene RM


For those who want to leave the chaos of the city and spend a few hours relaxing by the sea just 40 minutes by car from the city center, this is the right place.



The Romans love to spend a few hours relaxing by the sea at the end of the working day or on weekends. And this restaurant is the best option. The classic spaghetti with clams are phenomenal, a real must of Roman seafood cuisine. Here everything is calm and very pleasant. It is the favorite place where the best chefs in the city go to eat fish and relax on their off days. Extraordinary and very accurate is the selection of wines that the owner Benny has collected over the years.

Absolutely not to be missed for those who want to get under the skin of Rome.


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