A New Pastry Show is Coming-up on Italian Television!

Cooking Shows on italian television are loved by the public. Dolce quiz is the new Cooking Pastry Show all about amazing cakes and great sweet wine parings. The Show is presented by Alessandro Greco and hosted on RAI 2, one of Italy's leading TV channels. Special Master Chef hosts Ernest Knam and Alessandra Mion and wine expert Filippo Bartolotta.

By Redazione Mamablip
Oct 12, 2021
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What is Dolce Quiz?

Dolce Quiz is the new cooking show program with Alessandro Greco on Rai 2, starting on October 16 at 12pm.

The most refined pastries in combination with the best Italian sweet wines. When does Dolce Quiz air? This is Dolce Quiz, the game conducted by Alessandro Greco that will air on Rai 2 on Saturdays at noon starting from October 16th.

Leading this journey in the world of Italian wine is Filippo Bartolotta, wine and food journalist and sommelier of the stars. In the studio the most famous pastry chef on TV, Ernest Knam is accompanied by his wife, Alessandra Mion. 

How does the Dolce Quiz game work?

During each episode there will be a challenge between two couples composed of a VIP with a passion for sweets who will be accompanied by a friend or relative. What’s the objective? Have fun guessing from which area of Italy the wines and sweets in question come from, and tasting the wonderful sweets and great wines. 

The reporter in the episode’s featured territories will be sommelier Bartolotta, transformed for the occasion in a sort of Indiana Jones of wine, discovering Italy's great enological treasures.


What wines will we see in the Show?

"The wines I thought about are the sweet ones," - says Bartolotta - "Wines which are disappearing from our culture, but they deserve to be back in the limelight because they are extremely food-friendly. Moreover, they are wines which, once opened, do not go bad, and can last for a long time in the refrigerator at home, even for some months."

Which territories will we discover in Dolce Quiz?

Bartolotta can’t tell us too much about the featured territories because they will be discovered by the guests. 

"During the game we will see the historical places, the iconic landscapes of each area that also represent a key to the wine itself," he hints.  From the Alps to Sicily, Dolce Quiz will also be a journey among flavors because Bartolotta will also have to come back to Knam's house with a local dessert. 

A game that does not only want to be a journey to discover wonderful Italian territories, but also a surprising itinerary of food and wine pairings. And it goes against current trends because it brings rather old-fashioned wines back to the forefront, paired together with the wonderful desserts of the Knam team.


Why did you choose to talk about sweet wines?

"Yes, there is no market for sweet wines, they are almost disappearing because they are more expensive to make. The yield is low: while from 100 kilos of grapes for a normal wine you can get 70 bottles, for sweet wines sometimes you get one. They are expensive wines and the market is not willing to pay - continues the sommelier. 

But it is the same as before: these wines do not go bad, they do not oxidize easily. Therefore it is possible to buy a bottle of wine even if it costs a little more, and to consume it in the course of a month, in some cases even in 2 months, when one wants to indulge in a moment of pampering for oneself or with friends."

Sweet Wine: Matching Wines with Sweets

These wines, moreover, should be rediscovered in the matching with desserts, Bartolotta further explains "because they are made with sugar and therefore they are good, they are at the same level, with a sugary food. Moreover, these are wines which also have another secret: acidity. Great sweet wines have an incredible acidity therefore they become food-appropriate, they make the mouth salivate and help to clean the mouth from the same sweet taste.

Finally, Bartolotta provokes experimentation by also suggesting to try matching these wines for contrast, to experiment unusual and rebellious pairings. Why not match them with cheese or with paté - he says - or try a home-made bread with a rich salami, maybe matched with a drop of Primitivo di Manduria.

So, experiment to believe!  You could maybe get started with the combinations suggested by the energetic sommelier starting from Saturday on Dolce Quiz.


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