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Valtènesi Rosa Wine


Wine Type Rosé wines
Denomination Rosé Valtènesi Riviera Garda Classico
Region Lombardy
Grape Variety Groppello, Sangiovese, Barbera, Marzemino
Aromas Floral Aromas, Violet, Fruity Aromas, Red Fruits, Spiced Aromas
Ageing potential Drink within 5 years


Valtènesi Chiaretto is truly a wine exclusive to the Brescian Riviera of Lake Garda. It is put on the market every year with the traditional déblocage  on 14 February (the date set by the regulations for the release of the latest harvest), making it an ideal toast for St. Vatlentine’s -  the festival for lovers.

The local variety of Groppello Gentile grapes, when harvested at the perfect ripeness for Valtènesi and softly pressed, produces wines with a very light colour (this grape has few anthocyanins) with distinct floral (rose petal), fruity (wild strawberry, raspberry) and citrusy (orange, mandarin, pink grapefruit) aromas, with some sweet and delicate notes of acacia honey and spices.

The sapidity is very evident, and this too is a characteristic of Groppello Gentile. The mineral part is salt: Chiaretto is very 'salty' (this is the term used on Lake Garda) and this recalls the composition of the soils which are very rich in mineral salts, having been formed by 4 different glaciations that transported debris from the Alps to the area, forming 4 concentric circles of hills, which have about 90 different types of soil, all of which are rich in salts. 

Chiaretto's characteristics of freshness, savouriness and slight tannicity make it a rosé with a very long life: the colour and bouquet remain unaltered for at least 3 years and over time the bouquet is enriched with subtle hints of spice (cinnamon, clove).

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