Top 10 Pizzerias of Florence: A Guide to the Best Pizza Places

What are the best pizzerias in Florence? The best pizzerias in Florence are: Al Fresco, Giotto, Santarpia, Il Vecchio e il Mare, La Divina Pizza, La Farina Pizza + grill, Largo 9, Berberè, Fermento 1889, Lo Spela

By Lele Gobbi
Oct 25, 2022
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The best pizzerias in Florence: Where eat the best Pizza


Pizza is to all intents and purposes the signature dish of Italian cuisine around the world, certainly one of our tastiest traditional foods. It was born as a street food, composed of very simple ingredients and seasoned only with oil, tomato, mozzarella and basil that, if chosen and cooked well, provide the palate with the most satisfying taste and unique aromas. 


Today, the 'panetto bianco’ (white dough) of water and flour has become the new frontier of gastronomic experimentation, to such an extent that some signature pizzas are considered examples of true haute cuisine.

For some years now, we have been talking about a great season in Italy for pizza, where personality and creativity converge in a synthesis of expressive quality with technique, natural bread-making and the use of great raw materials.


What’s Google’s most-searched for takeaway or carry-out food? Pizza!

By Francesca Ciancio



Does Florence have good pizza?

On this stage, Florence can absolutely hold its own, offering opportunities for emotions of rare intensity in increasingly hospitable and futuristic venues, so that every slice is sublime and unique.


Where do locals eat pizza in Florence?

Romualdo Rizzuti Four Seasons


1. Al Fresco

Borgo Pinti 99, Florence  055 26261

Romualdo Rizzuti takes maniacal care in creating his pizzas, small masterpieces of leavening that are served in one of the most beautiful hotels in Florence and beyond.

"His doughs, made with combinations of flours that differ in their starch, protein, mineral and dietary fibre content, studied day by day on the basis of the strength of the mixtures, gluten, humidity and ambient temperature, are the result of painstaking research and continuous experimentation, with blends made with art, passion and taste, resulting in a natural, soft and light dough". The Sogni di Tropea and the Parmigiana are excellent.


Pizzeria Giotto Firenze


2. Giotto

Via Veracini 22a, Florence  055 332332 -  Via Panzani 57, Florence 055 212287

Marco Manzi is truly a master of the Neapolitan pizza, because his philosophy always follows the tradition of the best true pizza adapted to the justified needs of digestibility and therefore also of healthiness.

Highly hydrated dough, long maturation, unrefined flours and mother yeast (sourdough): this is his calling card. The crust is high and puffy, while the inside disc is thin in the centre: a real delicacy! Finally, the raw materials and ingredients for the toppings are excellent.


Giovanni Santarpia Florence


3. Santarpia

Via Senese 155 rosso, Florence  055 933 8245

A great and expert pizzaiolo, one of the architects of the changing 'taste' of pizza in Florence. A very good interpreter of the Neapolitan pizza, a classic style where the perfect combination of Neapolitan tradition and the continuous and accurate search for ingredients enhance his two main characteristics: quality and conviviality.

The fried pizza with lampredotto, the Margherita, the Marinara with pomodorini del piennolo ( Piennolo cherry tomatoes) and the Salsiccia e friarielli ( sausage and friarielli) are excellent.


Il vecchio e il Mare


4. Il Vecchio e il Mare

Via Gioberti 61 N, Florence 055 669575

Mario Cipriano continues to amaze for the zeal and skill he employs in his wonderful pizzas. Extreme care is taken with the doughs for both Neapolitan-style pizza and pizza alla pala ( Roman style pizza) and padellino (pan pizza): different hydrations that follow a precise itinerary of great digestibility, without forgetting any aroma along the way.


The Fresca Voglia with fiordilatte mozzarella, Casentino wild sausage, rocket cream and Sicilian sun-dried tomatoes are excellent.  



La Divina Pizza


5. La Divina Pizza

Borgo Allegri, 50/rosso, Florence 055 234 7498

A pizzeria that fascinates tourists and locals alike, as it offers real pizza tastings that start with a great deal of research into the various phases of working the dough prepared with live mother yeast and stone-ground flour, as well as an impeccable selection of the subsequent ingredients. One-day leavening for excellent digestibility.


There are various types of pizza that vary greatly according to the seasons and successful creativity in the combinations on offer: for example, the porchetta and chard or the spianata calabra (pork based cold cut), aubergine and sheep's milk ricotta cheese.


Looking for a course to learn how to make pizza and become a pizza maker?  Pizza course in Florence




La Farina


6. La Farina Pizza + grill

Via Giuseppe La Farina 29, Florence 055 576763

Marco Fierro, originally from Cilento, has an excellent track record when it comes to pizzas and leavened products, characterised by many years of study and research. The dough is basically a blend of natural stone-ground semi-integral flours and sourdough (mother yeast), resulting in a pizza with a puffy crust and thin disc.

The Margherita is delicious and light, as are the Marinara, the Napoli and the Salsiccia e friarielli. Great quality of the various ingredients, sourced from all over Italy.

Largo 9


7. Largo 9

Largo Pietro Arrigoni 9, Florence 055 245829

Pasquale Polcaro is an excellent pizza maker who is always fascinated by the concept of the quality of the dough and the various pizza ingredients. Different doughs for each type of pizza he offers, with leavening that develops according to different criteria and great care is taken with hydration. Mother yeast, beer yeast for the real pizzas and then dough (impasto) with the biga.

The Margherita is excellent and the 'Amatriciana' highly recommended.


Berberé Florence


8. Berberè

Via de Benci 7, Florence  055 399 4589  - Piazza dei Nerli 1 , Florence 055 238 2946

Carefully chosen products and different very good, light and digestible artisanal doughs from organic and stone-ground flours. Sourdough (mother yeast) starter, 24 hours rest, soft inside and crispy outside.

Pizzas with a well-delineated crust and served in proportion so you can taste several types. This is their slogan: 'It is a pizza that stimulates conviviality through a simple idea: eight slices so that all diners can taste the various flavours'.


fermento 9


9. Fermento 1889

Borgo San Frediano 42r, Florence 055 013 2367

Following years of research spent experimenting, Gianluca Vella's pizza dough has a very special texture and is the result of a personal blend halfway between a real Neapolitan pizza and a pizza in pala: 80% water, very little yeast, organic flours, long rising time.

A secret recipe where, in the end, the pizzas are crispy and melting at the same time. Among the chef's favourites are 'Fiore del Cantabrico' ( Cantabrico flower),'Cinderella' and 'Mortadella e Bufala' 


spela pizzeria firenze


10. Lo Spela

Via Poneta 44 - Località Ferrone, Greve in Chianti 055 850787

Pizzas of scrupulous workmanship, with millimetric leavening and crispy cooking. The classics, such as the timeless Margherita, are wonderful.

In this delightful restaurant with its simple ambience, one must try the gourmet pizzas, designed with perceptive combinations and seasoned with top quality ingredients such as 'La Petto d'Anatra' ( Duck Breast).



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