Giro d’Italia and Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino - a Divine Duo

How will the Giro d’Italia race highlight Montalcino? The Giro d’Italia and Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino collaboration brings spectacular results.

By Lele Gobbi
May 10, 2021
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Montalcino with its surroundings offers a true abundance of life’s amazing things:  fine wines acclaimed for their elegance and international prestige, a selection of extra-virgin olive oils, renowned fine cheeses like Pecorino, not to mention that land’s abundance of honeys, truffles, saffron, bovine and pork products, grains, vegetables, fruits and all of their offspring products like jams, sauces, etc. These top-shelf products are healthy, genuine gourmet selections that are lovingly crafted by local artisans who might have a varied background and birthplace, but are united by their common passions aroused by the sheer beauty of the landscapes where they find themselves.

The most fundamental, important thing thus is the landscape:  a beautiful, idyllic place that remains entirely intact despite minute inevitable changes in local crops and agricultural techniques.  The small towns dotting the Val d’Orcia landscapes become thereby guardians of priceless works of art and architecture of the Montalcino lands that are living, breathing testimonies to the craftsmanship born in this region, that even hosts acclaimed thermal waters to nurture the body and soul of visitors and locals alike.

Essentially, we find ourselves smack in the middle of a giving land, that accompanied by a smidge of miraculousness and a hint of sacrifice, has managed to usher in modernity without ceding its inherent character.  This area successfully maintains Mt. Amiata as a primary geographical reference point, and sustains sweetness and sinuosity as absolute protagonists.  Every one in a while, the eye falls upon the a grey gully and solitary cypress trees, which instead offer a surprising pleasantness to the panorama.

Our vistas and experiences here further underline the fact that we’re in what could be Italy’s most beautiful countryside, the Val d’Orcia, and in a land exceptionally and climatically ideal for the production of Brunello wine, a wine coveted by fans and collectors across the globe.

Montalcino’s landscapes are the result of centuries of maniacal care and attention, resulting in a healthy, windy land that continues to fascinate visitors with the richness of its Mediterranean forests.  The Val d’Orcia represents an agricultural singularity that identifies directly with local biodiversity and further cements the notion of wine tourism as an experiential adventure.




The Giro d'Italia 2021 falls right into Montalcino's lap, at a time when the focus on sustainability and health/wellness are reaching, rightly so, new levels of attention and participation, both from an individual perspective as well as business-oriented viewpoint.

And so, after 11 years, “the pink shades of the Giro d’Italia has returned to accompany the red shades of Montalcino wines,” as Fabrizio Bindocci, president of the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino reminds us.  This is because “cycling is a sport that requires passion and abnegation, but that is capable of giving great satisfaction, the same satisfaction of a Brunello wine after years of work in the vineyard by our partners.”

So, trumpets will sound on May 19th, 2021, to highlight stage #11, the Brunello Wine Stage Perugia - Montalcino.  After covering 163km, the Giro will arrive at the heart of Val d’Orcia at 35km of the last 70km of the stage, set amongst glorious white roads and breathtaking landscapes.

The same energy can be expected on May 20th, for Stage #12, the Siena - Bagno di Romagna of 209km.  This stage will commemorate the unforgettable Alfredo Martini, fabled Italian cycling coach for the National Italian cycling team in the 1950s.  This commemorative stage will begin from the unique setting of Piazza del Campo in Siena, the city of the famous Palio race involving the city’s many neighborhood horse jockeys.



We can safely say then that the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino plays an absolutely fundamental role within the Giro d’Italia itinerary.  The Consortium will most aptly help wine and travel enthusiasts explore the area’s natural beauty and specificities, of course, but also the intriguing role the Brunello producers play in the territory

Therefore, we can explore this itinerary keeping in mind that we’ll gain true insight into the local lands, and will be able to decode them and deeply identify their values and distinctive identities.  What makes this type of discovery so fascinating is that following this approach, we’re able to get a true understanding of the soul and character of the land itself, and not a scratching of the surface thanks to its food and wine products (as fine as they may be).

Praise should thusly be lavished upon both the Consortium as well as the Municipalities of Montalcino and Siena for their foresight and conception of the Giro d’Italia as a “road” to be travelled.  In what sense?  As both a topographical dimension, but also within the human perspective, exploring the traditions and customs of the area.  The cycling itinerary provides an authentic source of local information, providing the impetus for truly and deeply understanding a territory, and provides a sort of informal introduction for unequivocally living your experience.

The Giro d’Italia therefore provides us with an important, significant opportunity to remember as we begin to stretch our travel legs once more.  This unique moment in time will provide visitors with the ability to profoundly absorb your time in Montalcino.  Thanks to this unique moment in time, you’ll be able to explore the cultural, artistic, historical, and athletic roots of the Tuscan area.  The Giro d’Italia brings to the forefront the area’s uniqueness, its originality and unrepeatable imagine as you explore the true essence of the region and not just its folkloric reinterpretations.

For another perspective into the classic Tuscan Montalcino area, don’t miss the Filippo Bartolotta-led Miracle of Montalcino series, that gives us further insight into what makes this region so conducive to wine production.  For further info on the Consorzio, head over to the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino page today to check out how this organization is further spreading the Brunello word into to world.

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