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Pinot Grigio Garda DOC Wine


Wine Color White
Denomination Garda DOC Pinot Grigio
Region Lombardy
Grape Variety Pinot
Alcohol 10.5%
Ageing potential Drink young
Serving temperature 12°C-14*C


The Garda DOC consists of 31,100 hectares, 3,340 of which are dedicated to Pinot Grigio (11%). 28 wine estates associated with the consortium produce this vine, of which more than half are in the Verona area. The rest of the vines are divided between Brescia and Mantua.

They want to make it into a top wine, enhancing its value. Little is known about the date of arrival in these areas of the vine, which originated in Bourgogne; legends say that it was Napoleon himself who brought it here.

Pinot Grigio has a great adaptability to the pedoclimatic environment, favouring the calcareous soils between Verona, Brescia and Mantua. 

It is, however, a ductile grape variety, which can lend itself to two oenological interpretations: one that is more modern, simple without being banal, and much loved by a younger public, and one that is more traditional, structured, austere and long-lived, much appreciated by a more expert public. 

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