Garda DOC Consortium

  • Founded in 1996

  • Vineyard hectares 31100

  • Consortium Members 36

  • Production 21 mln bottles

Garda DOC, one of the World's most unique areas.


The Garda DOC, admired for its strong enological history and unique climate, is an singular wine denomination fascinatingly adept at inner flexibility and renovation following viticultural trends while at the same time cultivating and maintaining its ties with the past, with family-run wine experiences creating some of Italy’s most intriguing sparkling and still wines.  
The Garda DOC is the sole representative of the Garda Spumante wine, the delightful and highly appealing aromatic sparkling wine that is a pure representative of the Dole Vita Garda-style.  The production of this sparkling wine stems from a revisitation of production techniques within the Garda DOC wine producer areas in 2016, and has allowed the Garda DOC group to usher in an exciting new chapter into the local enological scene.  
The Garda DOC Spumante is a modern, convivial example of how quality is tied to favourable climate and territory.  This wine is born from the lake’s breezes, where the Italian spirit meets the desire for fun and excitement.  
Our project represents new opportunities to showcase and demonstrate a wine that is wedded to the notion of terroir, and that incarnates the core values of the Lake Garda area:  pleasure, conviviality, lifestyles, culture, and beauty.

A Glass of wine representing the finest of Italian living


The wine glass is symbolic of Fine Living Italian-style, a concept that allows Lake Garda to be one of the most hotly-desired tourist destinations and visited by millions of international visitors.  These visitors today have the unprecedented opportunity to experience this superb territory from their own homes, with a glass of wine to accompany on their journey, with a clear Garda DOC signature to ensure their experiences are top-notch.  The Garda brand is an authentic Italian symbol that glitters with Italian glamour - from an aperitivo in one of the many lakeshore luxury hotels, or dining in a top-rated restaurant while enjoying your lakeside views, a glasswork of Garda DOC bubbly is the prefect companion as you navigate these stunning waters.  Don’t forget the allure of a romantic embrace on board one of the lake’s enchanting, typical boats, or the excitement of a lakeside live music, fashion or theatre show as the ideal backdrop to enjoy the Garda DOC wine selections.  Our producers continue to outdo themselves with each vintage produced, from sparkling to still wines - the consumption desires of the modern wine enthusiast are well-met by our producers, who have exceptionally married the values and traditions of Lake Garda wines with contemporary experiences like aperitivo hour, a classic example of authentic Italian Style.

The 'Garda DOC Consortium' has teamed up with the 'Consorzio del Piave DOP' for the European Project 'A Perfect Pairing', to protect authentic flavours, derived from centuries of craftsmanship and tradition. CHECK IT OUT HERE

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