Enrica Della Martira

Curious, unquenchable and a true bon vivant - this is Enrica! Her passion for cooking was born over the course of countless epic Sunday lunches, where classic Italian home-cooking filled the tables, and moments of great joy and conviviality were the order of the day. Enrica's love of cooking and bringing people together over delectable meals was critical in her culinary development. This zest ultimately brought her to participate in the TV program, Master Chef TV, in 2014. After this unique experience, Enrica's worlds took on more defined culinary orbits. In 2015, her book "Bruschetta o Scarpetta" (Mondadori) was published and greatly well-received. Enrica then launched her blog, began leading cooking courses and events. In 2019, Enrica paired with the Food Network Channel to develop and host her show "Pane, Olio e Fantasia." Today, we're honored to have Enrica as part of the awesome Mama Blip team.