Recipe for Fresh hand-made Corzetti Pasta with Marjoram and Pine-Nuts

A great recipe for fresh, homemade, traditional corzetti pasta. Cook with Mamablip: this recipe with fresh and organic ingredients is an absolute must!

Starting to exhaust your pasta shapes know-how?  Looking for a charming little gift for the home cook who's got it all?

In this delightful video recipe on shaping fresh pasta with hand-carved Corzetti stamps, you'll soon realize that you might not already have it all - grab a Corzetti stamp and get stamping with us now!  Read also the full recipe. 

Originating in the northern coastal region of Liguria, Corzetti provided home chefs in important local families with the ability to wow their guests (just like you will be doing!) with handmade pasta coins embossed with decoration that was both beautiful and personalized.  Power is expressed in many ways, and this soft method of showing the value and worth of a family was one of the more delicious and least invasive ways to get the job done.

Select local artisans produce handmade versions with drawings of your own creation, made from renewable local wood, so Corzetti stamps also make a most unique holiday gift for Pasta enthusiasts who might already have a complete stock of pasta-making equipment.  I’d be willing to bet they don’t already have a handmade Corzetti stamp from Italy with their initials on it!  

And if this gift-giving hint wasn’t enough, I’m happy to also give you a wine tip too: you know what pairs perfectly with Corzetti?  Try them with a glass of Villa Gemma Bianco Colline Teatine IGT and wait for your taste buds to thank you!

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