The 10 best Restaurants and Bars with a Wine List in Florence

Explore best restaurants and bars with a wine list in Florence and nearby. Compare reviews of restaurants with a great wine list.

By Lele Gobbi
Jun 13, 2022

A Wine Lover's Guide to Florence: a list of best wine bars and restaurants in Florence


What is and what is the wine list for?

Monumental, regional, national, international, hyper-territorial, the wine list is essential not only because it allows you to choose the most appropriate wine pairing, but also because, if you know how to read it, it tells a great deal about the restaurant you’re in.


After all, it should be the written transposition of the cellar and the wines available; therefore, it also represents the choices made by the restaurant over the years, a selection that, in fact, has a lot to do with its identity

Commitment, passion, appreciation: this is what restaurant operators manifest in the wine industry, paying care and attention to both product selection and emerging trends.


Here is a selection of the best taverns, bistros, wine bars etc, which present an adequate wine list in the Florentine circuit.



Enoteca Bruni

Borgo Ognissanti, 25 Red


A cuisine that stands out for its creative flair, especially careful in its choice of raw materials. An intriguing menu with 5 or 7 courses to be chosen by the customer.  ”Our idea is to serve dishes that are flavorful, tasty, rich, fragrant and at the same time light, healthy, nutritious and definitely energetic. Food and wine are the fuel of the human being and therefore must never make one sluggish."


A wine list which is "overwhelming" in variety and sophistication, certainly the most well-stocked as far as natural wines in Florence



Enoteca Baldi

Piazza Gastone Bucciarelli, 25 - Panzano In Chianti, Firenze

Humility, research and passion are the qualities that outline this solid Chianti (Classico) landing place in Panzano. The intimate management is reflected in the cuisine, straightforward and precise, linked to both Chianti tradition and Italian classics and with a commendable regard for raw materials.

Fridays are dedicated to seafood, with an all-fish menu featuring courses inspired by the Amalfi Coast. A fancy wine list, not only very well stocked locally but also with international goodies.



Mix Bistrò

Via degli Olmi, 65 - Sesto Fiorentino, Firenze


Refined plant-based cuisine that allows to ‘travel’ confidently between fermentations. An innate sensibility ensures great balance and a subtle elegance, as well as taste. Acidity and therefore freshness, careful selection of raw materials and therefore flavor, a variety of cooking techniques and gastronomic culture, are the cornerstones that Giulia Chemeri recounts in her dishes each time.


An excellent wine list that ranges throughout the various Italian and international regions and moves around two currents of thought: "la carte tout jour" with reasoned pairings, and "monovitigni" for those who wish to indulge in the sensible combination of nature and territory.




Via delle Oche 11R


Part restaurant, part wine bar: in short, a middle way in the historic center of Florence. Excellent classics Tuscan cuisine with room for other regions bordering the Mediterranean gastronomy.  Fresh and local ingredients. A cuisine of tradition where meticulous attention to cooking, sharp flavors and remarkable taste take refined form and substance.

The wine list highlights an exquisite selection of natural wines and grappas; there are also numerous choises by the glass or bottle from a very extensive list that is not limited to Italian wines, but welcomes a number of foreign labels. A place of food and wine culture.



Da Burde

Via Pistoiese 154, Firenze


A straightforward trattoria with strictly seasonal and traditional recipes. Convivial atmosphere, strong but measured portions, succulent dishes with an impeccable selection of raw materials. It embodies the two souls of Florentine cuisine: soups and steak, among the best in Florence.

The wine list is truly remarkable, one of the most well-stocked in the city, especially as far as Tuscany and Champagne are concerned, with many fine gems of old vintages. 



Il Santo Bevitore

Via di Santo Spirito 64/66r

One of the liveliest, most loved and most popular bistros for locals and foreigners in the Florentine ‘Oltrarno’. Pop, seasonal cuisine that doesn't need to be trendy or necessarily Tuscan, but simply authentic and very well balanced. A venue of rare reliability in a busy area of the city to indulge in samples of a cuisine that ranges across various territories to bestow well-packaged flavors.

The wine list is absolutely comprehensive, many craft beers and as many Italian and non-Italian bubbles; excellent service by the glass from various and small Italian producers as well. 



Le Volpi e l'Uva

Piazza dei Rossi, 1R, Firenze


A meeting point in the Oltrarno for public of all ages and genders. You go there first and foremost to drink well, but it has also become a reference point because of the extremely careful offer of wines and food (the famous crostoni are delicious) with special care to the selection of cheeses. 



La Bottega di Parigi

Via di Terzollina, 3/R, Firenze

The spirit is that of a ‘trattoria’, but the care in the dishes and the refined service are those of a fancy restaurant. For those who want to venture into the northern hills of Florence, this is the right address: dishes based on brilliant, traditional recipes with great attention to raw materials.


The wine list is Elegant (in format), deep, precious and well-orchestrated, and Italy and France predominate with nice hints from the rest of the world (Georgia, Armenians, Australia, USA and South Africa).


enoteca_Pitti_Gola _Cantina_20220610


Pitti Gola e Cantina

Piazza Pitti, 16, Firenze


In the most touristy heart of Florence, one of the most elegant wine cellars (marble and dizzying woodwork) which offers delicious seasonal Tuscan cuisine. On the bottle shelves you notice glass jars filled with stones, clay or marl to represent the terroirs of Tuscany.


The well-stocked wine list, devoted with culture and knowledge to Tuscany (particularly Sangiovese) and Piedmont (particularly Nebbiolo), offers highly sought-after labels with precise and timely recommendations for pairings with courses, by the glass even with old vintages.




Via dei Conti 8 rosso, Firenze

A stone's throw from the Medici Chapels, a refined venue. Very hospitable, complete, from breakfast to the after-dinner cocktail bar. Flavors, architecture and elegance mingle in a truly chic style, orchestrated by service that is punctual but never pompous. Dishes with an international flair, which reveal a nice connection to Italy, on which the fine hand of the interpreter, Marco Anselmi, fits.

Beautiful, deep and well presented is the wine list, with choices not only focused on Tuscany, but on the whole Italian and international panorama. 




What are the recommendations for choosing a venue with an adequate wine selection? 


Here are the main characteristics for a superb List:

  • National variety
  • Territorial depth
  • Variety and memory of vintages
  • International choices
  • Refinement (appellation, small producers, trends)
  • Ease of reference, aesthetics (presentation, formats)
  • Depth of information
  • Personalization (taste, style)

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