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Lugana DOC Reserve Wine


Wine Type Light white wines
Denomination Lugana DOC
Region Lombardy, Veneto
Grape Variety Turbiana
Alcohol 13%, 14%
Ageing potential Drink within 10 years, Drink within 15 years


Lugana Riserva began to be produced according to the disciplinary regulations with a final adjustment dating back to 2011. 

This is the natural evolution of the Superior type:  it must age and refine itself for at least 24 month, 6 of which must be done in the bottle.

The wine has chromatic tones that are more vibrant, with evolved, complex aromas. 

Smoky flint-like notes with balsamic reflections can be found, along with a warmer minerality on the palate. 

The wine is quite sapid, persistent, and intriguing as well.

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