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Consortium of Lugana Wines

  • Founded in 1990

  • Vineyard hectares 2520

  • Production 26.000.000

  • Consortium members 199

Lugana's History


DOC Lugana was first launched on 21 July 1967. Half a century later, this small appellation (2,500 hectares straddling Lombardy and Veneto, south of Lake Garda) continues to break records, with a continually increasing trend in terms of  both numbers and turnover, and growth in volume and value that go hand in hand with that of quality.

Fundamental to the growth of the Denomination is the role of the Consortium, which was officially established in 1990, as a supervisory body.

One of the most important activities of the Consortium is its continuous work for the evolution of the Denomination in terms of both marketing and agronomic practices, in order to adapt to new market demands, while at the same time maintaining the wine’s identity.

Recently, 3 new clones of the indigenous Turbiana vine have been registered. These are the result of in-depth research and selection carried out by the Consorzio di Tutela in the oldest Lugana vineyards, in order to guarantee the typicality, territorial affinity and greater sustainability of the Denomination.

Lugana today


Lugana DOC is now so famous abroad (over 70% of its production is exported) that it has become one of the main ambassadors of Lake Garda in the world.

Produced in 5 splendid lakeside municipalities (Sirmione, Peschiera, Desenzano, Lonato and Pozzolengo), Lugana is the result of a fortunate and unrepeatable combination of mild climate, clay soil and rolling hills that are the ideal cradle for Turbiana, the native vine that only here can truly express its potential for aromas and longevity.

A journey through the production areas to discover Lugana is a constant surprise of flavours, fragrances and experiences in one of Italy's best wine tourism areas. Not only the lake, but also the lush rural hinterland offer a wide range of attractions: Enjoy a visit to the Tower of San Martino and Solferino, the scene of the battle of the same name;  go horse riding or cycling among the vineyards; try golfing on some of the most popular courses in northern Italy, or visit the numerous fortresses, fortifications and castles that characterise the five municipalities where the DOC is produced, including the Venetian walls of Peschiera, a Unesco World Heritage Site.

The consortium's product


Lugana DOC is a white wine with a strong personality, which if consumed young, in its so-called vintage superior version, presents citrus notes and even hints of almond or tropical fruit, depending on the style of vinification. In its ‘riserva’ version, which is aged for at least 24 months, it expresses more evolved and complex aromas, with notes of flint and balsamic hints, and a warmer minerality on the palate.

True connoisseurs will appreciate the late harvest which is a smooth and dense wine without being overly sweet, while more suitable to lakeside aperitifs is the sparkling version, made using the classic or Charmat method. 

Even though the production regulations provide for the presence of a maximum of 10% of complementary white grape varieties, as long as they are not aromatic, today’s producers in the area tend to make their Lugana exclusively with pure Turbiana grapes.

With more than 2,500 hectares of vineyards and about 26 million bottles a year, this DOC continues to enjoy great success in Italy and abroad, especially in Germany and the USA, with exports constantly covering more than 70% of production.


Our products

Lugana DOC Wine


Pale straw yellow color with greenish reflections. Floral scents and graceful taste.

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Lugana DOC Spumante Wine - Metodo Classico and/or Charmat


The Lugana Spumante DOC is a fine example of a cemented, reliable wine-making tradition

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Lugana DOC Reserve Wine

Sapid, persistent, and intriguing as well: the Lugana Riserva is a complex and superior wine.

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Lugana DOC - Vendemmia Tardiva Wine

Vendemmia Tardiva without a doubt is a new player on the scene, a different kind of Lugana Wine.

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Lugana DOC Superior Wine

Lugana Superior: a wine with a complex flavor profile, golden reflections, and unforgettable taste.

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