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Lugana DOC - Vendemmia Tardiva Wine


Wine Color White
Denomination Lugana DOC
Region Lombardy, Veneto
Grape Variety Turbiana
Alcohol 13%, 14%
Ageing potential Drink young, Drink within 5 years
Serving temperature 10°C-12*C


Vendemmia Tardiva without a doubt is a new player on the scene, a different kind of Lugana. 

This wine is more experimental, and far from the viscously-sweet Passito wines traditionally produced. 

This Lugana selection in fact is created using an "over-maturation" process, whereby the grapes are harvested later, between the end of October and early November, without the need at that point for additional grape-drying on racks.

These grapes turn out to be richer and more concentrated, and bestows a "tardier" profile to the Lugana wine, resulting in softer, more dense notes. 

The wines are not however, overly sweet, and instead reflect an efficient balance of acidity, similar to the Alsatian Vendage Tardive or German Spätlese wines.

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