The Best 10 Corvina Wines: A Guide for the Tastebuds

What are the best 10 wines from the corvina grape variety? Vigna ‘800 – La Polda, Rosé Spumante, Giovanna Tantini -, La Collina dei Ciliegi - Camponi, Corvina Veronese Igt,Tenuta Sant’Antonio - Scaia, Corvina Veneto Igt,Le Vigne di San Pietro - Come un Pino Nero, Corvina Veronese Igt, Vigneti Villabella - Montemazzano, Corvina Veronese Igt, Allegrini - La Poja, Corvina Veronese Igt, Zenato - Cresasso, Corvina Veronese Igt,Scriani – Carpanè, Corvina Veronese Igt,Damoli – Avant Garde, Corvina Metodo Classico Brut Nature

By Eugenia Torelli
Jan 19, 2023

The various faces of Corvina

Ten very different wines to discover the many ways of expressing one of Verona's most important grape varieties, glass by glass.


What is corvina?

An indigenous dark berry of the Veronese, Corvina is one of the most important grapes of the area. From the shores of Lake Garda, where it features in the production of Bardolino and Chiaretto di Bardolino Doc for a maximum of 95% (, its cultivation extends to the entire Valpolicella area.


Here it is the protagonist, together with Corvinone, Rondinella and other local vines, in the blend of the denomination's wines, including the famous Amarone, for the production of which – in accordance with regulations - a percentage of between 45% and 95% is used.  ► (

Valpolicella vineyard


What differentiates the Corvina vine?

Although the specifications mostly call for it to be used together with other grapes, Corvina actually proves to be very versatile; so much so, that there are more and more producers who are concentrating completely on this variety, even vinifying it pure. Among the diverse characteristics that it is able to impart to the wine, there is undoubtedly acidity, aromas, a good structure, delicate tannins and - depending on the terroir and how it is cultivated - also a good capacity for evolution.


Its versatility ranges from still and sparkling rosés, from young and drinkable reds to more important and structured ones, and even the most unusual interpretations, such as the classic method 'blanc des noirs'. Here is a series of tasting suggestions, to help you to be inspired by the many faces of Verona's queen of grapes, glass by glass.

Vigna '800 - La Polda, Rosé Spumante


Vigna '800 - La Polda, Rosé Spumante

Fragrant, floral, lively and perfect for an informal aperitif, La Polda is the Martinotti method sparkling wine from Vigna '800, the winery started in Negrar in 2001 by Gianfranco Elampini.

Certified organic since 2016, the small enterprise in the Valpolicella Classica area produces the area's wines - made from pure Corvina grapes, there is also a red wine - as well as oil from its own grapes.

Giovanna Tantini -


Giovanna Tantini -

The latest arrival among the winery's labels, is the Garda DOC Corvina by Giovanna Tantini, a producer who is so in love with this vine that she has focused years of commitment and research on it starting from the vineyard to cultivate the longevity of her wines. is obtained beginning with a short carbonic maceration of the grapes and continues throughout the entire vinification process in steel. It is one of the snappiest and most drinkable expressions of Corvina.


Perfumed, fruity and savoury on the palate, it is also perfect served at the same temperature as white wines, to accompany simple courses or, why not, fish from Lake Garda, which is close to Giovanna's vineyards.

La Collina dei Ciliegi  (Cherry-tree Hill) - Camponi, Corvina Veronese IGT


La Collina dei Ciliegi  (Cherry-tree Hill) - Camponi, Corvina Veronese IGT

Among the pure Corvina wines with an agile and fresh drinkability is Camponi, Corvina Veronese IGT ( Typical Georgraphical Indication) from La Collina dei Ciliegi. Situated in the village of Erbin, at an altitude of around 600 metres in the Valpantena hills, the company was founded by Massimo Gianolli, a financial entrepreneur originally from these parts, who created the luxury wine retreat, Ca' del Moro, here, and planted his own vineyards, with the aim of enhancing the unique characteristics of the terroir through wine.

Camponi is a wine that goes well with any meal, from a simple pasta with tomato sauce to grilled meat. Served chilled, it also goes well with more intensely flavoured fish dishes.


Tenuta Sant’Antonio - Scaia, Corvina Veneto Igt


Tenuta Sant'Antonio - Scaia, Corvina Veneto IGT

Also from the eastern part of Valpolicella comes Scaia, Corvina Veneto IGT from Tenuta Sant'Antonio. The winery is run by the four Castagnedi brothers – Massimo, Armando, Tiziano and Paolo - and the winery dominates the surrounding valleys from the hills of San Briccio.

In 2004, the purchase of new vineyards inspired the 'Scaia' project, a brand which is dedicated to a more contemporary interpretation of local grape varieties. Thus was born this pure Corvina, vinified in steel, with a streamlined and fruity taste which is easy to pair with everyday dishes.


le vigne di san pietro


Le Vigne di San Pietro - Come un Pino Nero (Like a Pino Nero), Corvina Veronese IGT

It is a play on words the name of Come un Pino Nero, pure Corvina from Le Vigne di San Pietro. We are in Sommacampagna, on the morainic hills of Lake Garda, and here Carlo Nerozzi looks after some ten hectares of vineyards, part of which surround the winery and family home. His work is meticulous and passionate, resulting in wines with an elegant character, capable of bringing out the characteristic features of the grapes.

‘Come un Pinot Nero’ does just that. In a glass, the shiny red transparency emphasises the peppery tones of the Corvina, its structure and its streamlined sip, even after ageing for a year in large oak barrels. You had better hurry as the production is limited.


Vigneti Villabella - Montemazzano, Corvina Veronese Igt


Vigneti Villabella - Montemazzano, Corvina Veronese Igt

Villabella Vineyards - Montemazzano, Corvina Veronese IGT The Corvina grapes used for Montemazzano come from the morainic hills of Lake Garda, near Calmasino. This is the area in which Vigneti Villabella, the company belonging to the Cristoforetti Delibori group, has its roots and devotes all its attention to the vines and wines of the Veronese territory.

The Montemazzano Corvina Veronese IGT matures in large Slavonian oak barrels and brings to the glass all the cherry sensations and peppery notes typical of the variety. The structure and capacity for ageing make for a wine that goes best with red meat dishes and medium-aged cheeses.


allegrini wines


Allegrini - La Poja, Corvina Veronese IGT

La Poja is one of the flagship labels of Allegrini, the historic Veronese maison and one of the best known in the world. The grapes are harvested slightly overripe and come from a small three-hectare plot at the top of the La Grola promontory near Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella where, in 1979, Giovanni Allegrini decided to cultivate only Corvina.

La Poja is first aged in new Allier oak barriques and then again in large Slavonian oak barrels. It is an intense and structured wine, characterised by toasted and spicy notes, to accompany dishes with a strong taste, such as game, stews or meat casseroles.




Zenato - Cresasso, Corvina Veronese IGT

From the Costalunga estate, in the hills near Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella, come the grapes for Zenato's Cresasso, pure Corvina. The winery, which is historical in this Veronese area, wanted to bottle the character of a vineyard-cru, making it a wine with body and structure.

The grapes are harvested in mid-October, to allow over-ripening on the vine, and the wine is aged for 24 months in French oak tonneaux and at least a year in the bottle. Its aromas of black cherry and plum compote go well with roast game and lamb dishes. Try it with stracotto di musso, one of the local traditional dishes.




Scriani - Carpanè, Corvina Veronese IGT

In the heart of the Valpolicella Classica area, between the slopes of Monte Sant'Urbano and La Costa, lie the vineyards of Scriani, a family-run business headed by Stefano Cottini. It is here that the grapes of Carpané, Corvina Veronese IGT, are produced. Harvesting takes place late around mid-October and, after vinification, the wine matures first for 12 months in barriques and then for a further 12 months in large casks.

The result is a wine with intense aromas, is pulpy and fills the palate; it is an ideal companion for important and structured dishes.




Damoli - Avant Garde, Corvina Metodo Classico Brut Nature

A true rarity. The Avant Garde from the Damoli winery offers a very unique version of Corvina, the Metodo Classico 'blanc des noirs', with two years of refermentation on yeasts. A family-run winery in the Negrar area, Damoli has been producing for five generations using only grapes from its own vineyards.


Avant Garde is a true outsider, offering a different perspective on Corvina, again playing on the versatility of the grape variety.


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