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Piave DOP Vecchio - Cheese


Foods Cheeses
Denomination Formaggio Piave DOP
Cheese ingredients Cow Milk, salt, rennet
Ageing Over 6 months
Region Veneto
Structure No eyes
Texture Hard, Compact
Flavors Mid-range Sweet and Savory Elements
Aromas Vegetal Aromas, Milky, Toasty
Lactose Lactose Free


Piave DOP Vecchio is a compact, solid cheese, with a crumbly, dense texture.  
Piave Vecchio DOP cheese has aromatic notes of not just melted butter, but also quite distinct vegetal scents that are accompanied by the faintest hints of dried fruit. 
When tasting the cheese, a complex bouquet develops, that in addition to highlighting the aromas your nose already has picked up on, is further enriched with toasty scents.  The flavor of this cheese is characterized by decisive, strong sweet and salty notes, but interestingly more delicate and less intense compared to other aged cheeses, and with a more pronounced, lingering flavor.  The color of this cheese is more vivid, and the crust is decidedly more rigid.

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