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Piave DOP Mezzano - Cheese


Foods Cheeses
Denomination Formaggio Piave DOP
Cheese ingredients Cow Milk, salt, rennet
Ageing 2 - 6 months
Region Veneto
Structure No eyes
Texture Compact, Smooth, Semi-hard
Aromas Milky, Cooked butter, Toasty
Flavors Mid-range Sweet and Savory Elements
Lactose Lactose Free


Piave DOP Mezzano is a semi-hard cheese produced following the heated curd technique.  It's a semi-hard cheese, and presents an uniform consistency, with no holes present.  The cheese, in alignment with its ageing times, is presented with a hard rind, with an matte hay-colored yellow tint.   
The aromas of Piave Mezzano DOP are distinctly lactic, and are redolent of melted butter and milky whey.  
Piave Mezzano DOP presents a well-balanced sweet and salty flavor, whereas the general scents are quite similar to the aromas.  The primary difference between the aromas and scents is due to a delicate, lingering toasted note.

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