Andrea Grignaffini

A love of simplicity and refinement, combined with an innate sense of curiousity are what propel Andrea Grignaffini to create his written masterpieces. Unanimously recognized as one of Italy's most revered culinary and wine critics, Andrea's works has roots dating back to his time in Parma, where he picked up his critical writing skills while reporting on soccer and cycling events. From that journalistic experience, Grignaffini quickly moved into the world of international cuisine following a fortuitious meeting with Luigi Veronelli, a cultural and gastronomic critic who provided some of Andrea's first entries into the world of culinary criticism. Grignaffini, along with a clutch of collaborators, begin publishing a magazine dedicated to cigars, Torpedo, that also helped launch many collaborations in the world of Italian gourmet publications. Today Andrea is in the scientific committee of Alma International Culinary School and a member of Future Cooking Lab born as a spin spin off of the University of Parma. Andrea also curates the L'Espresso Guide to Wines, and is a co-director of the Best Italian Wine Awards program. You can read up on Andrea's numerous articles and reflections on our pages, where we're most honored to have him, as well as his many publications focusing on quality Italian wines and cuisine.