Cold Yogurt Dessert (Easy No-Bake Mousse Recipe)

Creamy, fresh and full of flavor: this easy cake does not need to spend time in the oven and tastes amazing!

A good, refreshing and fluffy-light Vanilla Mousse is the perfect antidote to the more classically renowned Chocolate Mousse, which we also love.  But sometimes, you just need something sweet and light to make your meals all that much better and more memorable.

Lovely and perfect for a springtime dessert, a Vanilla Yogurt Mousse comes together so quickly and easily, you won’t even realize you’re making a sweet dessert to follow your meals.  Adding in the sugar from your fresh strawberries makes this light and airy dessert a pleasure to see and even more pleasant to taste.  

Strawberries and freshly-whipped yogurt mousse is also a terrific alternative to the classic strawberry and chocolate mousse option - if you’re a fan of light, airy desserts but are looking for something a little lighter, a little less chocolate-dependent, a full-flavored yogurt mousse might be the ideal solution for your dessert needs.

Don’t miss the Mamablip full recipe for your Vanilla-scented Yogurt Mousse with Fresh Strawberries for complete written info on how to make this amazing light dessert we love to see on  Italian dinner tables.

What to pair with with a light, fluffy whipped yogurt mousse?  Be sure to visit the Recipe Index for lots more springtime cooking inspiration.  Did you know strawberries make the perfect finish to many a spring ingredient-focused dish, like Fresh Artichoke and Pecorino salad?  And if you need to know what wines to pair with this lovely contemporary Italian mousse dessert, be sure to check out the Wine Selections index for some ideas on a range of wines, including what to pair with dessert dishes.


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