Fresh Tagliolini Pasta with Clams and Bottarga video recipe

Video recipe for fresh, hand-made tagliolini pasta with fresh clams and mullet roe.

Are you on the hunt for a perfect recipe for Tagliolini with Clams? Want to try a new approach to this seafood pasta favorite by adding in some new ingredients? The Mamablip culinary squad has the answer for you: Homemade Tagliolini with Clams and Bottarga.

If the idea of fresh handmade pasta activates your taste buds, imagine them paired with fresh, salty clams and umami-packed bottarga, which is the Italian term for mullet roe. Learn how to make not one but two classic elements of regional Italian seafood dishes: fresh wonderful Tagliolini with plenty of natural grooves to catch the nuances of the other classic element, fresh clams and bottarga.

This uncomplicated hands-on video will show you just simple it can be to prepare a stupendous Italian seafood classic, and if you’re curious about wine pairings, Mamablip’s got you covered on that angle as well.
Visit the Tagliolini with Clams and Bottarga recipe page for written instructions and wine pairings to help you navigate this exciting world of classic Italian seafood recipes.

Those joining you for your delicious fresh Tagliolini with Clams and Bottarga are in for a culinary treat they won’t soon forget. Don’t forget to send your photos to the Mamablip social media pages so our community can see what you’ve been making at home!
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