Home-made Meatballs - Traditional Italian Meatball recipe

Watch our video-recipe to make perfect traditional Italian meatballs using only a few fresh ingredients

Few things are more classically Italian than a good, reliable Meatball. While the methods of meatball consumption are different here in Italy than what might take place in kitchens and dining area across the U.S., a meatball is welcome in just about every form and in every plate.

Making genuine Italian meatballs is an art form that’s easy to achieve, and is actually a terrific place to bring in some pint-sized chefs, if you’ve got any floating about. I used to love having the little hands on the countertop with me, shaping beef-based Italian meatballs that would then simmer in a gorgeous red tomato sauce.

The Mamablip chefs recommend a simple veggie side dish, like a fresh salad, some creamy Cannellini beans sautéed in extra-virgin olive oil and garlic, or any vegetable-based dish dish with a lighter touch, since your genuine Italian meatballs in tomato sauce will provide the depth and richness you’ll be hungry for after prepping these beauties. Just be sure to have a good crusty loaf of Tuscan bread on hand for mopping up your glorious Tomato and Meatball sauce from your pan!

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