Kados by Duca Salaparuta, Grillo Wine tasting with Filippo Bartolotta

Discover Kados wine by Duca di Salaparuta: follow Filippo Bartolotta in his journey through the amazing world of Sicilian wines!

Discover Kados, another wonderful wine from Duca di Salaparuta Estates with Filippo Bartolotta.

Kados was born in the sun-baked countryside of western Sicily in Risignolo Estate in Salemi, the most viticultural province of Italy, where the wine has always been produced.

The grape used is Grillo, the ancient indigenous variety of western Sicily, where its peculiarities have made it the first protagonist in the production of Marsala.

Duca di Salaparuta has however proved this grape has great potential, even when cultivated in highlands and vinified in purity, giving it an uncommon interpretation.

Perfect to be matched with good fish dishes, seafood risotto, noble shellfishes and tasty white meats.

Learn more about the Duca di Salaparuta Wine Estate: visit their page for articles, news, and their amazing products!

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