Make Pappardelle al Cinghiale - Pasta with Wild Boar Sauce

Fresh egg pappardelle pasta with savory, rich and smooth meat-sauce, made with wild boar, cinghiale

Rich and full-bodied flavor in a beautiful tomato-based sauce - Pappardelle with Boar Ragù sauce is a tested and tried authentic Tuscan gem that will win you over with your first bite.

Scrumptious fresh handmade pappardelle are within grasp for even those starting at a basic fresh pasta-making level.  With a little patience and practice, you’ll be whipping up beautifully yellow fresh pappardelle with just a few simple ingredients.  

And once you’ve gotten the fresh pasta and pappardelle-making side of this stunning classic Tuscan recipe down pat, you can move on to the creation of your slow-simmering, mouth-watering Tuscan wild boar Ragù sauce.  Even if your boar isn’t so wild, don't’ worry about purchasing store-sourced boar.  

When the season is right here in Tuscany, we more often than not can include wild boar into the Ragù sauce, but when it’s not available, butcher-sourced boar can also be a great substitution.  And if your butcher’s also got wild-boar sausages, never turn them down and freeze them for later - just a side note on the Tuscan wild boar meat side.

Once you’ve watched the video lesson above on creating Tuscan Pappardelle with Boar Ragù sauce, you’ll be ready to make another Tuscan classic dish in your own kitchen with the Mamablip chef team at your side.  Get ready to dazzle the dinner table today when you prepare this straightforward dish right out of the classic Tuscan cookbooks!  Reconnecting with Tuscany never tasted so good!

Don’t miss the Mamablip full recipe for Pappardelle with Wild Boar Sauce for complete written details on how to make this amazing classic pasta dish served in Florence and Tuscany.

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