Milan with a Touch of Pink

Apr 04, 2020

A new dish dedicated to one of Italy's premier female writers and protagonists

On a recent trip to Milan, I took a detour from my usual haunts (I wish I could just have a permanent table at Pavé Milano, already) and went to see the amazing Chef Sara Preceruti in action.   The resulting video of my time with Sara is her ode to Alda Merini, one of Italy's first fearless female writers and poets.  Unafraid of social mores and criticism, Merini represented one of the country's first steps into modernity, and Sara is a similarly trail-blazing character in a world still dominated by a heavy male presence both in social and classic media channels.

In transferring her award-winning restaurant, Aquada, in the Como area, to the heart of Milan, Sara is breathing fresh air into her life personally and professionally.  Her aim is to bring her own style, her unique approach to traditional, regional classic dishes, and her desire to test new ingredients and preparation techniques - insomma, Sara is the whole package.  A blend of traditional with a vision of the future, how could I not be a fan of this unique Michelin-starred chef?

In my video above, Chef Preceruti prepares an exclusive new dish inspired by and dedicated to Merini, focusing on the multiple layers and personalities of this dish.  Incorporating ingredients like raspberries, octopus, ruby chocolate and other flavors not typically associated together, Chef Preceruti has created a new taste Merini would surely approve of, and would exalt as worthy of her name!

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