Traditional Pici with sautéed breadcrumbs paired with Donnafugata, Sul Vulcano | 15 minute recipe

Pici pasta is so easy and fun to make, it won't feel like work at all! And if you have never seen breadcrumbs turn into a tasty 'sauce', today is your chance!

Pici is a typical Tuscan pasta which originally comes from the area around Siena. Although the most famous pici are definitely those with garlic and tomato sauce 'Pici all'Aglione, today we propose an even simpler and, above all, extremely economical dish!

The crumbled up stale bread (a key element of many typical Tuscan recipes and of the poor cuisine (such as ribollita and pappa al pomodoro), becomes a tasty and delicious condiment, almost at zero cost!

Stale bread, crumbled and pan-fried with a little oil and then used over pasta, is also known as 'poor man's cheese', as it looks similar to grated cheese but is made from the scraps of old bread which are given new life!

Don't you think you can make a handmade fresh pasta dish in just 15 minutes? Follow Chef Sara Lai and you will realise that not only is it feasible, but that the time is more than necessary.

To find out what to drink with this excellent first course, listen to the expert Filippo Bartolotta, who today decided to uncork a bottle of Sul Vulcano di Donnafugata.

Enjoy your meal!

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