Radio Cult Wine Show - Emidio Pepe wine tasting video

In this video wine expert Filippo Bartolotta tells the story of Emidio Pepe winery and guides you though the tasting of its fine wines.

Have you always wanted to know the difference between the Tuscan Montepulciano wine and the southern Italian, Abruzzo Montepulciano wines?  Sommelier Filippo Bartolotta has done the research for you, and is ready to break it down for us.

Focusing primarily on the Emidio Pepe winery, Filippo will guide us through the winery's significance in developing the Abruzzo region into a wine-producing area capable of holding its own when compared to other fine Italian wines with much greater name recognition.  Filled with fun anecdotes, we'll stroll together through the vines of the Emidio Pepe wine estate, learning the particulars and specifics to look out for when enjoying Emidio Pepe wines.

What years are the best for Emidio Pepe wines?  Filippo knows and will share that knowledge with you, so you can discover some amazing Abruzzo wines together.  What makes the Emidio Pepe wines so special, and so necessary for a well-balanced Italian wine collection? Check out the video with us and learn why you should be on the hunt for the Emidio Pepe wine bottles to add to your own collection.

While our video is an homage to the specific Emidio Pepe winery and the 2017 vintage Filippo loves so whole-heartedly (as you will see!), there's so much to learn about the Abruzzo region with its wonderful wines and vintages.  Got any questions for Filippo?  Be sure to leave your comments on our social media pages, and Filippo or the team will get back you right away with the answers! 

Stick around, learn a little, and get ready to expand your Italian wine world knowledge together with Filippo!  And when you’re ready to check out some more wine thematics, be sure to explore the world of Brunello di Montalcino, with Filippo as your guide.  Start with Episode 1 of 6 of Filippo's Miracle of Montalcino series for a whole new foray into one of Italy’s cult wines.

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