Roccapesta Riserva 2016 vintage: nature’s gifts produce amazing wines

How many Italian Volcanos can you name? Let's discover with Filippo Bartolotta!

How many Italian Volcanos can you name? Well, the success of Roccapesta wines also depends on a volcano which is now ‘asleep’: The Mount Amiata

A few kilometers from Saturnia, overlooking the Argentario, Roccapesta is suspended between the volcano of Amiata and the water of the Tyrrhenian Sea, between rural traditions and technological innovations. 

The 2016 Riserva vintage from the Roccapesta winery is an excellent example of how to use nature’s gifts to produce tremendous wines.

Local winemaker Alberto Tanzini is well aware of this instinct, and makes great use of two natural phenomena: nearby Mt. Amiata’s volcanic contribution and rich sediments left behind in the soil as the Tirrenea Sea withdrew from the land.

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