Canalicchio di Sopra DOCG 2015 - Brunello Wine Tasting Weekend Episode 6 of 31

Let's taste Canalicchio di Sopra DOCG 2015 - Brunello Wine Tasting Episode 6

Balance and harmony can be fundamental elements in how wine tastes and feels, but how about during the production process? Is it possible to create this balance even while the grapes are being harvested? This was one of the questions Fiippo Bartolotta, sommelier and wine journalist, mused about on this next episode of “The Miracle of Montalcino” series. 

Together with Filippo as our guide, we’ll discover how a family’s history of wine-making and harvesting can help produce vintages of unyieldingly magical wines. In specific, Filippo will be looking into the Canalicchio di Sopra’s Brunello 2015 for more in-depth perspectives into this concept of harmony and balance. The Pacenti family, long admired in the Montalcino wine region, have over 50 years of experience working directly with Montalcino wine harvests, so this family is the perfect place for Filippo to test his theories. Together, we’ll learn not just about this wine’s flavors, aromas, and of course, tasting notes, but we’ll also see Filippo put his theory into play with their Brunello 2015.

Together we’ll explore more of the glorious Montalcino wine region, and there’s just not better, more knowledable guide than Filippo, so kick back and get ready for this latest wine adventure with Filippo. Send us your thoughts on our social media pages after the video, and let us know where you’d like to visit the next time!

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