Cecchi Wines - Family Story and Love for Wine

A love story behind one of Tuscany’s most recognized Chianti wine estates, the Cecchi Family Estate.

Wine brings us closer to a lot of our emotions, and sometimes can free us up to express those emotions, as we all might have experienced at one point!  But one of the emotions we get from wine and we give to wine stories is love.  A love story behind one of Tuscany’s most recognized Chianti wine estates, the love incorporated into each bottle of Cecchi’s Chianti vintages is reflected in the wines’ clear, bright hues and aromas.  Let’s dive right in with Filippo Bartolotta, Italian wine expert.

The Cecchi wine estate is a long-held family-run operation located deep within the Tuscan Chianti Classico area, in the lovely Castellina in Chianti area between Florence and Siena.  The Cecchi family traces its roots back at least 3 generations, although our main focus today is on Anita and Luigi as the matriarch and patriarch of the Cecchi winery, and today’s generation, Andrea and Cesare, their sons.  The Cecchi winery is well-known for their highly-regarded traditional Chianti Classico wines, including Chianti Classico straight, aged 1 year, Chianti Classico Riserva aged for 2 years, and the Gran Selezione, aged at least 30 months. 

The Cecchi family Chianti Classico winery is a love story that brings into light a wine story, which basically meets our criteria for an intriguing and heartfelt true Tuscan story.  Fine wines, strong family values uniting the Cecchi family, and a dedication to producing drinkable, Tuscan-driven wines that pair perfectly with classic Tuscan dishes like fresh pasta and meat sauces, grilled meats, seasoned Tuscan cheeses, and many other culinary delights from the heart of Tuscany.

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