Quick and Tasty Tuscan Panzanella Salad

Jun 10, 2021

Learn real Tuscan tips on how to use stale bread! A perfect summer dish featuring sweet seasonal tomatoes and zingy basil!

To be able to use up an ingredient that otherwise lingers in your cupboards, taking up loads of space and without a seemingly suitable solution is one of the kitchen dreams of many a home cook.  Known for being inventive and creative, Italian home cooks have been grappling with ways to use up stale bread, a fundamental ingredient in most Italian households and one purchased nearly daily.

Making perfect use of seasonal tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, and red onions, this summer salad is surprisingly light, even though it’s a bread-based salad at heart. Softened with white wine vinegar and water prior to dressing and blending with the rest of the salad’s vegetables, you’ll soon find yourself enamoured with this tasty Tuscan dish, and ready to recreate it eery time you need to use up that stale bread.

Our chefs have suggested following seasonal vegetable availability, and using the best extra-virgin olive oil you can locate when dressing your bread-based salad.  Because the salad continues exclusively raw vegetables, the oil’s flavor profile will be under the immediate spotlight, so if you can use a recent vintage, and an high-quality Tuscan oil, you’ll taste a terrific different in your Panzanella salad when you go the extra mile towards sourcing high-quality ingredients.

For complete recipe steps, head over to Mamablip’s Panzanella - Rustic Tuscan Bread Salad today!  The recipe will give you all the steps you need to follow in order to recreate this classic Tuscan salad dishes that makes the absolute most out of your cupboard leftovers.

Want to know what wines would match this fresh Panzanella recipe?  Check out the Mamablip Wine Selections page for lots of great wine and food pairing options.  Another great way to learn more authentic Italian pasta dishes is by joining a Live Class with Mamablip’s chefs.  Find your favorite, and join today.

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