Rocca delle Macìe: Chianti Classico Riserva Famiglia Zingarelli 2017

Filippo Bartolotta, esperto di vini italiani, ci guida attraverso un'esperienza di degustazione di questo incredibile vino di Rocca delle Macìe

Chianti Classico Riserva is in the middle of the aged wines, above the Chianti Classico Annata and below the Chianti Classico Gran Selezione - if you’re looking for a wine to drink right now that has a bit more heft in each glass, the Rocca delle Macìe Famiglia Zingarelli Riserva might just very well hit that sweet spot.  

The perfect expression of the Chianti Classico region from where this Chianti vintage is created, not only is the Famiglia Zingarelli Riserva delicious to drink, it’s also got the added benefit of beauty, a clarity and vision traditionally imparted on wines by the Sangiovese grape.

Filippo Bartolotta, fine Italian wine expert, leads us through a tasting experience of this wine, exploring its production process and discovering hidden elements you might not immediately pick up.  Why does this matter?  So you can enjoy the Rocca delle Macìe wine even more, and can impress your loved ones with your ultimately impeccable wine and food pairing skills.  

As with many of the Rocca delle Macie selections, it’s possible to actually taste the amore and devotion to the Tuscan territory in each glass, and the Famiglia Zingarelli Riserva 2017 is the perfect proof of this dedication to top-notch wines and innovative production techniques.  

If Chianti Classico Riserva has been swirling around in your mind for a while, be sure to select the Rocca delle Macìe 2017 vintage today, and get a good amount swirling in your wine glass to make your wine experience a full Tuscan one.  

Mamablip wine journalists Lele Gobbi and Francesca Ciancio have written up loads more information on the Rocca delle Macìe wine estate, so keep reading all about the Rocca delle Macìe estate:  Sergioveto and Roccato: Parallel Lines that Converge and Borgo di Fizzano: A Stunning Chianti Landmark await you on Mamablip’s Article Index.  For a bit more historical background on the Zingarelli family, watch Filippo’s video on their family history in Tuscany.

Check out the Mamablip Wine Selections to purchase your own Rocca delle Macìe Famiglia Zingarelli Riserva 2017 label and other recommended wines.  Want to know what to eat with your wines?  Mamablip’s got you covered with lots of wine and good pairings on the Recipes pages.  


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